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Kodzuka Figure with Bag of...

Kodzuka Figure with Bag of Wealth (MGJ161)

Price $425.00
Kodzuka figure with bag of Wealth. Note rat to right of the figure eating bread. Figure is possibly a rat catcher. Unsigned. Excellent condition.
Kinko Set of matching...

Kinko Set of matching Kodzuka and Kogai (MGJ159)

Price $2,500.00
Kinko set of matching Kodzuka and Kogai. Gold over Nanako Ground with leaves, branches, and fruit in a cluster. All done in Shakudo, Shibuichi, and gold. Unsigned but very attractive set.
Kodzuka (MGJ92)

Kodzuka (MGJ92)

Price $1,200.00
Kodzuka. Shakudo with fine Nanako. Motif of horse trappings. Signed: Goto Tsujo Saku eleventh Goto master (1663-1721). Excellent condition.
Kodzuka Koi (J29)

Kodzuka Koi (J29)

Price $495.00
Kodzuka Koi in high relief signed: (illegible first Kanji) Hide. Excellent condition.
Kodzuka Warrior with Bow...

Kodzuka Warrior with Bow (MGJ30)

Price $495.00
Kodzuka Warrior with Bow. Signed: Masa Maga (Kao). Early 18th Century First Master of Yedo Ito school. Very good condition.