Other Misc.

Four-Piece Inro with Bonsai...

Four-Piece Inro with Bonsai Trees (J461)

Price $1,995.00

Has Bonsai trees with frothing waves in background with storks. Ojime is multi-colored ball with red, white, and wavy motif Monju Ojime.

Shakudo Ishime Ground (MGJ722)

Shakudo Ishime Ground (MGJ722)

Price $495.00
Shakudo Ishime Ground. High relief village scene with tall trees with gold, copper, and silver and shakudo highlights. Unsigned.
Kinko Kodzuka (MGJ690)

Kinko Kodzuka (MGJ690)

Price $650.00
Kinko Kodzuka. Polished copper ground. Shakudo robed figure with silver highlights carrying gold lantern. Shakudo bird in flight with gold eye and foot. Reverse has polished shakudo ground. Signed with Kao. Most interesting artistic layout with the figure on shakudo ground that wraps around and continues up the reverse.
Polished Shibuichi Ground...

Polished Shibuichi Ground (MGJ687)

Price $575.00
Polished Shibuichi Ground. Insert has nanako ground with shakudo crab with silver stream. Unsigned. Reverse is decorated with alternating squares of silver and shakudo. Note: checkerboard pattern is separated from the shakudo by a diagonal line of some type of Mokume Matrix.
Kinko Kozuka (MGJ680)

Kinko Kozuka (MGJ680)

Price $475.00
Kinko Kozuka. Shakudo nanako ground. Artist or scribe with brushes in copper, shakudo, silver and gold. Signed: Mitsu Toshi with Kao.
A Koduka and Two Sets of...

A Koduka and Two Sets of Wari Kogai (MGJ675)

Price $800.00
A Koduka and Two Sets of Wari Kogai. 19th century (Edo) decorated with alternating squares of silver and shakudo inlays. Kodzuka has N.T.H.K. certificate (1979). Minor dent on reverse.
Copper Nanako Ground (MGJ658)

Copper Nanako Ground (MGJ658)

Price $775.00
Copper Nanako Ground. Reverse is polished shakudo prayer bell with gold highlights. Silver paper prayer suspended from bell. Included is N.B.T.H.K. certificate from 1974. Unsigned.