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Colt 3rd Model Deringer...

Colt 3rd Model Deringer (C13690)

Price $895.00

Colt 3rd Model Deringer. Made in the 1870s – 1880s. This gun has a smooth gray patina on the barrel with a nice sharp barrel marking. Frame has 60% of the nickel finish. Grips are very good.

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Excellent Colt 3rd Model...

Excellent Colt 3rd Model Derringer (C13697)

Price $795.00

Excellent Colt 3rd Model Derringer. Made in the 1870s – 1880s. This gun has a smooth gray patina with light spots of pitting. Barrel address is visible. 50% of the nickel finish remains. Grips are good.

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Colt Open Top 22 Caliber...

Colt Open Top 22 Caliber (AH6109)

Price $295.00

Made in 1872. 22 caliber with a 2 ½” barrel. Matching numbers. Action works well. Metal has a mostly light gray patina with some pitting on the cylinder. Grips are very good.

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Colt Open Top .22 caliber...

Colt Open Top .22 caliber (AC197)

Price $395.00

Made in 1873. 22 caliber with a 2 ½” barrel. Nice sharp gun with a smooth dark brown patina. Brass has an original dark patina on the brass. Grips are very good with most of the original varnish. Action works well.

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Cased Set of Lord...

Cased Set of Lord Derringers (C16545)

Price $495.00

Cased Set of Lord Derringers. One of the pair has an area of minor flaking, otherwise near excellent overall condition.


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Pair of Colt 4th Model .22...

Pair of Colt 4th Model .22 Short Derringers...

Price $599.95

Consecutive pair of Colt .22 Short derringers, cased together. Both guns are in excellent condition and come in the correct leatherette case. Included are a pair of Colt branded holsters, which are rarely seen. The whole set comes in the original box which is worn and taped, and has the warning sheet, a cleaning brush and an invoice from Colt dated 1960. A neat set!

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Colt New Line 38 (AH6093)

Colt New Line 38 (AH6093)

Price $695.00

Serial number 13488. Made in 1880. 38 caliber with 2 ¼” barrel. This gun has 80% of the original factory nickel. Grips are very good. Action works well.

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Colt Cloverleaf .41 Rimfire...

Colt Cloverleaf .41 Rimfire (AC186)

Price $1,550.00

Scarce four shot revolver. Bore has strong rifling with some minor frosting. Action works perfectly. The grips are of rosewood. Metal has approximately 96% original nickel plating, with some dents on side plate. These cloverleaf revolvers were named thus because of the 4 chamber cylinder. Hard to find and reasonably priced.

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Colt Open Top Pocket...

Colt Open Top Pocket Revolver (AH6245)

Price $575.00

The Colt 22 Short and Long seven-shot Colt Open Top Pocket Model revolver was made from 1871 to 1877. This revolver has the 2 3/8" barrel which has a good bore with frosting in the grooves. It has a nickel plated frame and barrel with approx. 80% of the plating remaining with the remainder blending nicely. This pistol is the sloping spur hammer variant. The action functions and the cylinder...

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Colt 3rd Model Derringer...

Colt 3rd Model Derringer (AC138)

Price $2,495.00

Very fine gun with most of the original blue and nickel finish. Grips are excellent with all of the original varnish. All of the nickel finish remains on the frame. Beautiful gun in excellent condition!

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Colt New Line .22 Short...

Colt New Line .22 Short (AC131)

Price $325.00

First model New Line with factory "Western" engraving. Metal has traces of nickel plating in protected areas, remainder is brown patina. Grips are ivory. Faces of several chambers are heavily eroded. Action functions correctly, but has a weak mainspring. An affordable New Line.

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Colt “House” 5-Shot .38...

Colt “House” 5-Shot .38 Long Colt Caliber...

Price $750.00

Colt “House” 5-Shot .38 Long Colt Caliber Revolver. Barrel acid etched “Colt New 38.” Top of barrel has Colt’s PT F. A. Mfg. CO./Hartford Ct. USA. Action works perfectly. Grips are perfect, no chips or cracks. Bore is perfect. Strong Lands (rifling) and bright grooves, no pitting. Revolver has approximately 50-60% factory nickel. The etching on the barrel is legible. Colt etched the model...

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Colt Cop & Thug Revolver...

Colt Cop & Thug Revolver (AC78)

Price $2,495.00

Colt Cop & Thug Revolver. Made in 1885. 2 ¼” Barrel in .41 Colt caliber. Very nice sharp gun with approximately 50% of the original blue mixed with a dark to plum patina. Grips are excellent with nice sharp checkering and the Police & Thug easily seen. The barrel is acid etched with “COLT HOUSE 38” that is still visible, but faint. Action works perfectly. Good fire blue on the...

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Colt New Line .22 Caliber...

Colt New Line .22 Caliber 7-Shot Revolver (AC64)

Price $850.00

Colt New Line .22 Caliber 7-Shot Revolver. This is a very fine New Line (most saw a lot of use and abuse). Bore is excellent. The caliber and model etched on left side of barrel is perfect. Note: The fragile acid etching on Colts revolvers was easily worn even with light use. This one is perfect. Action works perfectly. Cylinder has some small areas of nickel flaked. Grips are perfect....

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