Colt Pre-War Automatics

Colt 1903 Pistol .32 ACP...

Colt 1903 Pistol .32 ACP (C19568)

Price $1,599.95

SN:475196.manufactured circa 1928, .32 ACP with a 3.75" barrel . Bore is in excellent condition. Pre-war pocket pistol with colt wood grips, approximately 90% original bluing and two-tone colt magazine. Overall condition is very good.

Colt Custom Engraved 1911...

Colt Custom Engraved 1911 .45ACP with .22LR...

Price $7,995.00

SN: 220232. Made in 1918. 45 ACP with a 5" barrel. Beautiful custom engraved Colt 1911 with a "U" numbered .22 caliber conversion unit. The .45 slide has a pre-war match target rear sight, as does the conversion unit. Grips are pre-war carved steerhead pearls. Gun has 99% blue, all cased in oak. A very fine outfit.

Colt Woodsman 1st Series...

Colt Woodsman 1st Series .22 LR Pistol (C19463)

Price $1,750.00

SN: 71820. Made in 1930, .22LR with a 6.75" barrel. Bore is excellent. Pre-war .22 auto in excellent condition with 98% original blue. The grips are very good with very light wear. Overall condition is very good.

Very Fine Colt 1902 (C18131)

Very Fine Colt 1902 (C18131)

Price $3,250.00

Serial number 40945. Made in 1919. 38 RF with a 6” barrel. This gun is in very fine condition with most of a very good refinish.

Colt Model 1905...

Colt Model 1905 Semi-Automatic pistol .45...

Price $6,500.00

Serial No. 1322, made in 1906, .45 Rimless, 5" round barrel. Approximately 60% original blue remains, bore is bright with frosting visible in the grooves. Rifling remains strong, brown checkered grips are very good with light handling.

Colt Automatic Pistol .25...

Colt Automatic Pistol .25 ACP (C19626)

Price $699.95

SN: 321694. Made circa 1922. .25 ACP with a 2" barrel. Bore is good. Pre-war pocket pistol. Grips are in very good condition. Steel frame and slide have original finish which has turned to a blueish brown, with case color on the trigger. Overall good condition.

Colt 1903 Pistol .32 ACP...

Colt 1903 Pistol .32 ACP (C19567)

Price $1,799.95

SN:425191.Maufactred circa 1923. .32ACP with a 3.75" barrel. Bore is in excellent condition. Semi-auto pocket pistol with hard Black ruber colt grips and approximately 98% original bluing. Overall condition is Very good.

Colt Super 38 Pistol .38...

Colt Super 38 Pistol .38 Super (C19559)

Price $14,500.00

SN: 26178. Made in 1937, 38 Super caliber with a 5" barrel. Bore is excellent. Original pre-war Super 38 in excellent condition with 95% original blue. Has just a bit of wear on the grip frame. A very desirable Colt pistol, hard to find in this condition.

Colt Ace Pre-War Pistol...

Colt Ace Pre-War Pistol .22LR (C19228)

Price $2,750.00

SN: 2542. Made in 1931, .22LR with a 5" barrel with excellent bore. Early commercial model Ace, made the first year of production in 1931. The front grip frame has been stippled and the gun has been expertly reblued. A great looking .22 target pistol, in excellent condition.

Colt 1905 Semi Auto 45 ACP...

Colt 1905 Semi Auto 45 ACP (C18090)

Price $5,750.00

Serial number 5197. Made in 1911. 45 Caliber with a 5” barrel. Very fine gun with 60% of the original blue. Grips are very good.

Colt 1905 Automatic Pistol...

Colt 1905 Automatic Pistol .45 ACP (C18983)

Price $5,500.00

SN:5374. Manufactured in 1911, .45 ACP, 5" barrel. Early .45 auto pistol. The bore is fair, dark in the grooves with light rifling. Has about 50% blue finish mixed with patina. The grips are very good with no chips or cracks.

Colt 1902 Military Pistol...

Colt 1902 Military Pistol 38 ACP (C18525)

Price $4,250.00

SN: 36036, made circa 1914, .38 ACP, 6" Barrel. Pre-war commercial model pistol. Bore and action are excellent. Has about 85% original blue mixed with patina.

Colt 1902 Military Pistol...

Colt 1902 Military Pistol .38 ACP (C18538)

Price $4,950.00

SN: 15644, made circa 1907, .38 ACP, 6" Barrel. Pre-war commercial model pistol. Bore is very good with light etching. Has about 92% original blue finish. A very fine example.

Colt 1905 45 ACP Semi Auto...

Colt 1905 45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol (C18282)

Price $6,995.00

Serial number 1697. Made in 1907. 45 ACP caliber with a 5” barrel. Very fine gun with 75% of the original blue. Magazine is a well made replacement.

Colt 1902 Military Pistol...

Colt 1902 Military Pistol (C18056)

Price $4,295.00

Serial number 39390. Made in 1917. 38 ACP with a 6” barrel. Very fine gun with approximately 85% of the original blue finish with the main concentration on the front and back straps. Grips are excellent.

Colt Model 1902 Military...

Colt Model 1902 Military Marked US Army...

Price $22,500.00

Serial Number 15053. Made in 1902. 38 ACP caliber with a  6” barrel. Very rare gun with only 200 in the contract. All of these guns were shipped on July 18, 1902. These guns were rejected from any furth orders due to numerous shortcomings such as small caliber, the gun was muzzle heavy, liability to misfire and to jam. This is a very scarce contract and this...

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless...

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP (C17434)

Price $2,150.00

Manufactured in 1914. Bore is excellent. Metal has approximately 95% original finish. Two-tone magazine. Very good plus overall condition. Comes with original box. Box is numbered on bottom, faintly, to pistol.

Scarce Colt 1911 455 Eley...

Scarce Colt 1911 455 Eley (C17401)

Price $5,500.00

British WWI issued 1911. Many of these pistols went to the RAF. This pistol is marked with British proof marks in various places. Metal has approximately 40% original finish with flaking. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Correct magazine marked "Cal .455 Eley" on bottom. A hard to find variation.

Colt Government Argentine...

Colt Government Argentine Navy .45 ACP (C13373)

Price $3,975.00

Colt Government .45 ACP caliber pistol. Rare Argentine Contract for the Navy. Gun is marked Republica Argentina, Armada Nacional and Crest of Argentina on slide. This is Government model commercial pistol with an extra factory applied issue number, (No. 285) just above the trigger guard. Gun has approximately 90-92% original blue. Bore has strong rifling and light to medium corrosion in the...