Colt Post-War DA Revolvers

Colt Trooper MKIII Revolver...

Colt Trooper MKIII Revolver .357 Magnum (C19020)

Price $999.95

SN: 3818J. Manufactured in 1973, .357 Magnum with a 6" barrel. Double action magnum revolver with adjustable rear sight, case colored hammer and wood Colt grips. Overall excellent condition.

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Colt Python Revolver .357...

Colt Python Revolver .357 Magnum (C18991)

Price $1,399.95

SN: PY311275, Modern production, .357 Magnum with a 6" Barrel. Bore is in excellent condition. DA/SA Revolver with wood grips and orange ramp sights. Overall excellent condition. Comes with box.

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Colt Python 2020 Revolver...

Colt Python 2020 Revolver .357 Magnum (C19002)

Price $1,449.95

SN: PY220086, Modern production, .357 Magnum with a 4.25" Barrel. Bore is in excellent condition. Nickle Plated revolver with wood grips and adjustable rear sight. Overall excellent condition. Comes with box and speed loaders.

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Colt Night Cobra .38...

Colt Night Cobra .38 Special (NGZ3420) NEW

Price $1,249.95

Double action only carry revolver with 2.1" barrel, bobbed hammer, Colt custom G10 grips in all matte black DLC finish. NEW. UPC: 098289007117

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Colt Anaconda Revolver .44...

Colt Anaconda Revolver .44 Magnum (C18540)

Price $1,449.95

SN: AC220224, Modern Production, .44 Magnum, 6" Barrel. Semi-bright stainless revolver with rubber grips. Overall excellent condition. Comes with box.

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Colt Python Serpentine...

Colt Python Serpentine Series of 1994 Revolver...

Price $7,500.00

SN: SSP9416. Made in 1995, .357 Magnum, 6" barrel. Rare Serpentine Series special edition. Only 50 made, and marked on the frame "1 of 50". This is one of the rarest Colt Snake guns. Shows light wear, very good condition with unmarked box.

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Colt Python Target Revolver...

Colt Python Target Revolver .38 Special (C18477)

Price $7,500.00

SN: K02808. Made in 1980, .38 Special, 8" barrel. Rare Target model with nickel finish. Only 251 were made with nickel finish. Excellent condition overall. Comes with factory letter confirming all the details.

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1980 Colt Python revolver...

1980 Colt Python revolver .357 (C18425)

Price $3,850.00

SN: LA3570. Made in 1980, .357 Magnum, 6" inch. Very good condition nickel Python with a very good bore & adjustable rear sights. Comes with factory wood grips, plastic box, & original safety & instruction manual.

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Colt Cobra .38 Special...

Colt Cobra .38 Special (C18467)

Price $1,195.00

SN:H64009. Made in 1974, .38 Special, 2" barrel. Very good condition six-shot snubnose COBRA with a very good bore & wooden grips in very good condition. Original factory finish is preserved with very little wear.

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Colt Trooper .357 Magnum...

Colt Trooper .357 Magnum (C18582)

Price $995.00

SN: 60769. 4" revolver with satin nickel finish, made in 1967. Has later style grips. Excellent condition.

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