Colt Post-War Automatics

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Colt Defender LW 45ACP...

Colt Defender LW 45ACP (NGZ863) NEW

Price $1,095.00

Colt's Manufacturing Defender, compact 1911, 45acp, 3" barrel, alloy frame, stainless finish, g10 grips, 7rd, white dot carry novak sights, comes with 1 magazine. NEW UPC:098289111203

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Colt Government .380 ACP...

Colt Government .380 ACP (C17547)

Price $695.00

Full size all steel pocket pistol. Has custom sights and fancy grips. Excellent condition with box and extra mag.

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Colt Gold Cup National...

Colt Gold Cup National Match MKIV Series 70 .45...

Price $1,695.00

Gold Cup National Match. 5" national match barrel, carbon steel receiver and slide, blue finish, colt champion bomar style sights, 7rd, 3-hole aluminum trigger. New. UPC:098289042927

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Colt Delta Gold Cup 10mm...

Colt Delta Gold Cup 10mm (C17525)

Price $2,495.00

Scarce 10mm Gold Cup target model. Has been upgraded with custom parts and magwell. Excellent condition.

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Colt Defender Lightweight...

Colt Defender Lightweight 9mm (NGZ817) New

Price $1,095.00

Colt Defender, compact 1911, 9mm, 3" barrel, alloy frame, blue finish, g10 grips, 8rd, novak night sights, 1 magazine. NEW.UPC:098289111197

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Colt Gold Cup Series 80 .45...

Colt Gold Cup Series 80 .45 ACP (C17520)

Price $2,950.00

Series 80 model with bright stainless steel finish. Has fancy grips plus the original wood grips. Excellent condition with box.

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Colt 1911C  70 Series .45...

Colt 1911C 70 Series .45 ACP (NGZ816) New

Price $889.95

Colt's Manufacturing, 1911C Government Model, Full Size, 45ACP, 5" Barrel, Steel Frame, Blued Finish, 7Rd, 1 Magazine. New. UPC:098289112187

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Colt Custom Government .38...

Colt Custom Government .38 Super (C17521)

Price $4,750.00

Outstanding customized Colt 38 Super. Has gold plated parts, gold filled markings and beautiful skeletonized gold plated metal scroll grips. The magazine has a cutaway window so you can see the cartridges through the skeletonized grips. This is a "cartridge counter" .38 Super! A neat custom gun in perfect condition with box and extra mag.

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Colt Commander .45 ACP...

Colt Commander .45 ACP (C17514)

Price $1,495.00

Lightweight model made in 1975. Has upgrade hammer, trigger and sights for the period. Very good condition.

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Colt Gold Cup Trophy...

Colt Gold Cup Trophy "Zombie Edition" .45 ACP...

Price $2,295.00

Stainless steel Target model, customized as a Zombie Killer! The slide is engraved "Zombie Edition" with the biohazard sign on both sides. The grips are custom metal and inscribed "Zombie Killer" with green detailing. A neat and unusual piece!