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Colt 1862 Police .36 (C9206)

Colt 1862 Police .36 (C9206)

Price $5,950.00
Colt 1862 Police .36 caliber revolver. 6 1/2 barrel and bore is very good. Action is perfect. Gun has approximately 95 percent bright case colors. Blue is 92-93 percent with some thinning on the barrel. Grips are near mint. Gun has about 100 percent silver on the grip straps, now tarnished black. Very fine piece!
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Colt Pocket Navy .36...

Colt Pocket Navy .36 caliber revolver with 4...

Price $3,850.00
Colt Pocket Navy .36 caliber revolver with 4 1/2” barrel. Gun has numerous nicks and pit areas, but still has about 60-70” original blue, 40% case colors and excellent grips. Very hard to find model with this much finish.
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Factory Engraved Colt 1862...

Factory Engraved Colt 1862 Pocket Navy...

Price $2,195.00
Factory Engraved Colt 1862 Pocket Navy Conversion Revolver. Very nice gun with approximately 30% of the original factory nickel. All engraving and markings are sharp, and the gun really does not show that much use. Mechanics work perfectly. Nice sharp Colt Pocket Navy Conversion!
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Colt Model 1862 Police .36...

Colt Model 1862 Police .36 (C9009)

Price $3,650.00
Colt Model 1862 Police .36 caliber revolver. Barrel length 5 1/2". Bore is very good. Action works perfectly. Gun has approximately 20% case colors and 80% blue. Grips are excellent with 98% varnish.
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Rare Colt 1862 (C8982)

Rare Colt 1862 (C8982)

Price $4,250.00
Rare Colt 1862 model factory altered (see Book of Colt Firearms page 174 item B for an identical example). Estimated production at 25-50 guns. Grips are very good. Gun has a blue brown patina, about good plus overall. Rare Colt variation.
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Colt Pocket Navy Conversion...

Colt Pocket Navy Conversion (C8781)

Price $3,495.00
Very fine Colt Pocket Navy Conversion revolver. Very nice gun with very original blue and very good case colors. Almost all of the original finish on the grips. Action is tight and works perfect. Bore is excellent. Very fine Colt Conversion!
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Colt 1862 Pocket Navy...

Colt 1862 Pocket Navy conversion .38 caliber...

Price $2,450.00
Colt 1862 Pocket Navy conversion .38 caliber revolver with 3" barrel. Very unusual gun. Serial number 322415. Numbered in the 1849 Pocket model range. The Pocket Navy frame is larger so this is not some 49 made into a Pocket Navy! This is probably a very early version of the 3" Pocket Navy made as an original gun and not made from an already existing Pocket Navy. Other examples of this gun are...
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Colt 1862 "Trapper" model....

Colt 1862 "Trapper" model. (C5822)

Price $4,750.00
Colt 1862 "Trapper" model. RARE. See The Book of Colt Firearms for an example identical to this gun. Dovetail German silver front silver and proper muzzle crown. Approximately 25 to 50 made. Very good condition.  
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Colt New Model Police  (C5834)

Colt New Model Police (C5834)

Price $1,495.00
Colt New Model Police breech loading revolver. Serial number 309xxx. 3 1/2" barrel made from Pocket Navy frame and using newly manufactured barrel. .38 centerfire. 70% original nickel. Fine grips.
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Colt Pocket Navy conversion...

Colt Pocket Navy conversion (C6288)

Price $1,150.00
Colt Pocket Navy conversion with matching serial numbers. Action works fine and gun has about 60% original nickel. Serial number 312XXX.  
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