Colt .22 Auto Pistols

Colt Challenger .22LR (C17998)

Colt Challenger .22LR (C17998)

Price $695.00

SN: 58021-C. Semi-auto .22 pistol with 6" barrel, made in 1952. Has about 97% original blue. Comes with matching number box and papers.

Colt "Pre-Woodsman" .22 LR...

Colt "Pre-Woodsman" .22 LR (C11653)

Price $1,250.00
Colt "Pre-Woodsman" .22 LR caliber revolver. “Pre-Woodsman” model made in 1923. The top of the slide has some small dings, otherwise excellent condition with excellent bore. A nice example.
Colt Match Target 2nd Issue...

Colt Match Target 2nd Issue .22LR (C17776)

Price $1,295.00

6" Match Target made in 1954. A custom muzzle brake has been added. The grips are oversized walnut target grips. The finish shows some wear, overall very good condition.

Colt 22 Pistol .22 LR (C17596)

Colt 22 Pistol .22 LR (C17596)

Price $999.95

Stainless steel model with 4.5" barrel. Made in 1994. Excellent condition with box and extra mag.

Colt Pre-Woodsman .22LR...

Colt Pre-Woodsman .22LR (C17325)

Price $1,295.00

Pre-war Target model with 6 5/8" barrel. Made in 1925, predecessor to the "Woodsman" model. Has about 90% blue finish with some wear on the grips also. Bore and action are excellent.

Colt Woodsman 1st Series...

Colt Woodsman 1st Series .22 LR (C17431)

Price $1,495.00

Manufactured in 1941. Grips are later replacements but look great. Bore is excellent. Metal has approximately 96% original finish with a few spots of light speckling. Very good plus overall condition.

Colt 1st Series Woodsman...

Colt 1st Series Woodsman Target .22 LR (C17395)

Price $2,450.00

Desirable pre-war Target model manufactured in 1934. Barrel is 6 5/8". Metal has approximately 99% original blue. Bore is excellent. Grip checkering is sharp. Excellent overall condition.

Colt Woodsman 1st Issue...

Colt Woodsman 1st Issue Sport .22LR (C17002)

Price $1,495.00

1st issue Sport model made in 1941. The slide has some speckling at the rear, otherwise the condition would have been excellent. Comes with box, brush and instruction sheet.

Colt Pre-War Ace .22 LR...

Colt Pre-War Ace .22 LR (C17331)

Price $5,500.00

Desirable Pre-War production Ace. Manufactured in 1936. Bore is excellent. Metal has approximately 96% original finish, with some very minor loss on front grip strap. Grips are very good plus with minor wear; checkering is still sharp overall. Action works properly. A very fine example!

Colt Woodsman .22 LR (C16293)

Colt Woodsman .22 LR (C16293)

Price $1,950.00
Colt Woodsman .22 LR caliber pistol. Pre-war sport model made in 1937. Excellent condition with 98% original blue. Bore is excellent. A great example.
Colt Match Target .22 LR...

Colt Match Target .22 LR (C14477)

Price $1,695.00

Colt Match Target .22 LR caliber pistol. 2nd Series 6” Match Target. Has 98% original blue with very light wear. Made 1955.  

Colt Match Target .22LR...

Colt Match Target .22LR (C15587)

Price $1,250.00
Colt Match Target .22LR caliber pistol. Made in 1953. Bore is excellent. Left grip has a small chip. Very good overall condition.