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Colt Frontier Scout .22 LR...

Colt Frontier Scout .22 LR (C9365)

Price $749.95
Colt Frontier Scout .22 LR caliber revolver. 4 3/4” model with nickel finish and “K” suffix. Made in 1970. Excellent condition with wooden case.  
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Colt New Frontier .22...

Colt New Frontier .22 LR/WMR (C9364)

Price $849.95
Colt New Frontier .22 LR/WMR caliber revolver. 4 3/4” model with dual cylinders. 1970’s vintage in excellent condition with box.  
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Colt Peacemaker .22 Mag...

Colt Peacemaker .22 Mag (C9315)

Price $579.95
Colt Peacemaker .22 Mag caliber revolver. 1970’s vintage steel frame single action. Very good condition.
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Colt Frontier Scout .22...

Colt Frontier Scout .22 LR/WMR (C9229)

Price $699.95

Colt Frontier Scout .22 LR/WMR caliber revolver. 1960's vintage model with dual cylinders. Excellent condition with box.


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Colt New Line .22 (C8820)

Colt New Line .22 (C8820)

Price $649.50
Colt New Line .22 caliber revolver. Very good bore. Action works and indexes perfectly. Barrel and cylinder have 98% original nickel. Nickel plated frame is flaking and has about 50% nickel. Grips are excellent.
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Colt Police Positive .22LR...

Colt Police Positive .22LR caliber revolver....

Price $695.00
Colt Police Positive .22LR caliber revolver. Manufactured 1914. Police positive target. Bore is good but shows some light pitting in the grooves. Mechanically excellent. Gun has about 85% blue overall. Desirable 6" barrel length. Overall in very good condition.  
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