Beautiful Deluxe Winchester...

Beautiful Deluxe Winchester 1873 Rifle 32-20...

Price $11,500.00

Serial number 403298. 32-20 caliber with a 24” barrel.  Very fine deluxe. Very good blue on the barrel. Bright case colors on the frame. This gun comes with a factory letter confirming all features.

Case Hardened Winchester...

Case Hardened Winchester 1873 Rifle 38-40 (AW263)

Price $27,500.00

Serial number 224188B. Made in 1887. 38-40 caliber with 24” barrel. Absolutely beautiful gun. Barrel has 95% of the original blue with a just a couple of minor blemished around the barrel address. The frame has bright case colors. Wood is excellent. This gun is about as good as it gets for a standard gun!

Special Order Winchester...

Special Order Winchester 1873 Rifle 32-20 (AW226)

Price $4,500.00

Serial Number 280772B. Made in 1888. 32-20 with a 24” barrel. Nice sharp gun with a special order half magazine. The barrel has over 50% of the original blue mixed with an even brown patina. The frame has a 30% of the original blue with a dark gray patina. Wood is excellent. Action works well. Bore is very fine. Very fine Winchester 1873 Rifle with a half magazine!

Winchester Model 1873 .22...

Winchester Model 1873 .22 Short (AW85)

Price $5,750.00

Winchester Model 1873 .22 Short Caliber rifle. Manufactured 1888. Bore has worn rifling but is all visible. Grooves are frosted. (Dull due to shooting corrosive Ammo Back in 1888). Action works perfectly. Barrel and magazine tube has a very good blue, thinning a bit in places. Barrel address and caliber markings are clear and excellent. Garriell Block marked .22 caliber short. Dust cover is...

Winchester 1873 .32 WCF...

Winchester 1873 .32 WCF (W9325)

Price $5,500.00
Winchester 1873 .32 WCF caliber carbine. Scarce .32-20 caliber saddle-ring carbine. Made in 1923. Barrel is a Winchester replacement barrel. Barrel and tube have approximately 96% finish. Receiver has a gray patina. Wood is very good. Very good overall condition. Hard to find a .32-20 caliber saddle ring carbine.
Winchester 1873 .32-20 (W9157)

Winchester 1873 .32-20 (W9157)

Price $8,500.00
Winchester 1873 .32-20 caliber rifle. Made in 1890. 32-20 with an extra-long 32” barrel with double hangers on the magazine. Gun has very good original blue. Gun comes with a factory letter. Very hard to find a gun with this barrel length.