Winchester Bolt Action Rifles

Griffin & Howe Custom...

Griffin & Howe Custom Winchester 70 Rifle 7mm...

Price $9,950.00

SN: 399580. Made in 1957, 7mm Rem Mag, 24" barrel. Outstanding Griffin & Howe custom rifle built on a pre-64 Winchester 70 action. The receiver, barrel, and floor plate are engraved with delicate scroll, with gold inlay game scenes on the floor plate and trigger guard. Has a 3 leaf express sight on a quarter rib, barrel band sling mount, Niedner style checkered steel buttplate with trap...

Winchester 70 Super Grade...

Winchester 70 Super Grade Pre-64 Rifle .22...

Price $8,500.00

SN: 371496. Made in 1956. 22 Hornet, 24" barrel. Rare and desirable pre-64 Super Grade in .22 Hornet. Has a vintage Balvar 8 scope. Overall excellent condition.

Winchester 70 .270 WIN...

Winchester 70 .270 WIN (W12632)

Price $695.00

SN:G1270136. Manufactured circa 1970, .270 Winchester, 22" barrel. Overall good looking deer rifle with hunting wear visible on stock, receivers edge. Barrel also shows some areas of discoloration especially around muzzle. By the butt-plate previous owner has carved in hash marks. Bore is bright and shiny with strong rifling. Action functions correctly. 

Winchester Model 70 Rifle...

Winchester Model 70 Rifle .270 Win (W12494)

Price $899.95

SN: G1082862. Manufactuered in 1972 bolt-action hunting rifle with a 22" barrel chambered in 30-06 Springfield. Comes with a BEC Goldlabel 3-9x50 and a padded sling. In excellent condition.

Winchester-Lee Sporting 6mm...

Winchester-Lee Sporting 6mm Lee/.236 USN (W9788)

Price $2,450.00

SN: 12885. Winchester-Lee Sporting 6mm Lee/.236 USN caliber rifle. Straight Pull 24” Sporting model with pistol grip stock, steel butt plate and Lyman Tang peep sight. Stock is excellent as cleaned. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Pistol grip cap is very good. Very good plus overall condition. A rare Winchester rifle.

Winchester 1902 .22S, L, LR...

Winchester 1902 .22S, L, LR (W11722)

Price $850.00

Scarce bolt action Winchester. The bore is very good with some shallow pitting near the muzzle end of the barrel. The action works perfectly. The stock is in very good condition. The metal has 90% of its original finish. Overall very good condition.

Winchester Lee Sporting...

Winchester Lee Sporting .236 USN (W10639)

Price $2,150.00

Winchester Lee Sporting .236 USN caliber rifle. Sporting model straight pull rifle. Bore has strong rifling with minor frosting. Very good overall condition. 6mm Lee caliber.


Winchester 70 .257 WBY (W9973)

Winchester 70 .257 WBY (W9973)

Price $1,495.00
Winchester 70 .257 WBY caliber rifle. Custom built bench gun with 26” bull barrel. Has a Burris 6.5-20X target scope and adjustable stock. Excellent condition.