Winchester - Model 1894

Winchester 94 Pre-War .32...

Winchester 94 Pre-War .32 WS (W11867)

Price $1,450.00

SN: 942654. Lever action carbine with 20" barrel, made in 1924. The bore is Fair, dark with good rifling. The magazine tube has been cut down and the saddle ring has been removed. The metal has just patina but is smooth and not rusted. The stock is very good with very little wear.

Winchester 94 Pre-64...

Winchester 94 Pre-64 .30-30Win (W11753)

Price $1,650.00

SN: 178523. Lever action Winchester with 20" barrel, made in 1950. The Bore is excellent and the actions work perfectly. The rifle has virtually all of its blue. The stock has some light wear from use. Overall near excellent.

Winchester 1894 Deluxe...

Winchester 1894 Deluxe 38-55 (W7367)

Price $21,500.00

Winchester 1894 Deluxe 38-55 caliber rifle. Made in 1895. 97% of the original blue. Gun has Lyman tang sight. Wood is highly figured walnut in fantastic condition. 26 inch round barrel with shotgun butt. Beautiful case hardened lever. Fantastic deluxe Winchester 1894!

Winchester 94AE Trapper...

Winchester 94AE Trapper .45LC (W11848)

Price $1,995.00

Rare Limited Edition Trapper model with 16" barrel, saddle ring carbine and case colored receiver. Has a checkered walnut stock. Late model made in the early 2000's. Excellent condition.

Winchester 94 Pre-war .32...

Winchester 94 Pre-war .32 Win Spl (W11637)

Price $1,995.00

Lever action carbine made in 1929. The bore is excellent. The action works perfectly. The receiver has brown patina and the rest of the metal looks excellent. The stock is very good with some nicks and dings. Overall very good condition.

Winchester 1894 Saddle Ring...

Winchester 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine (W11333)

Price $2,395.00

Serial number 831080. Made in 1918. 30-30 caliber with 20” barrel. The barrel has 90% of the original blue. The frame has mostly turned to a gray patina. Wood is very good but does show normal use. The butt plate has pitting. The action works perfectly and the bore has strong rifling but is dark. Very fine Winchester 1894 saddle ring carbine!

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Winchester 1894 Trapper...

Winchester 1894 Trapper .30-30 (W11303)

Price $4,995.00

Factory original Winchester Model 1894 Trapper carbine with 15” barrel, made in 1911 and listed on ATF C&R list. The metal has a gray patina. The stock has wear and age cracks, and has been shortened to 11 1/2" with no butt plate. Bore is good, with good rifling and light frosting throughout.

Winchester 1894 32 Win....

Winchester 1894 32 Win. Special (W11453)

Price $1,350.00

Lever action carbine manufactured in 1950. Stock has a compass inlaid near comb. Bore is excellent. Carbine has some wear and is in good overall condition.

Winchester 1894 32-40 (W11437)

Winchester 1894 32-40 (W11437)

Price $2,495.00

Model 1894 rifle in scarce 32-40 caliber. Manufactured in 1905. Bore is excellent. Barrel and tube have approximately 95% original blue. Receiver has approximately 40% with patina. Action works perfectly. Very good overall condition.

Winchester 1894 Takedown...

Winchester 1894 Takedown 30-30 (W11370)

Price $3,450.00

Scarce takedown model with half round half octagon barrel. Manufactured in 1912. Bore is excellent with strong rifling and is mirror bright. Action works perfectly. Stocks have field wear. Metal has a thinning blue turning to patina. Address markings are sharp and easily visible. Good to very good overall condition.

Winchester 1894 30-30 (W11175)

Winchester 1894 30-30 (W11175)

Price $3,250.00

Barrel is 26" and half round, half octagon. Bore has strong rifling and is dark in the grooves. Action works perfectly. The stocks are sold and shows some "cowboy  use" with some saddle wear on the right side of the forend. There is an old smooth indentation similar to other model '94's that were sd to ride watch during the night over cattle in the case of rustlers. Most of these rifles were...

TDC Issued Winchester 94...

TDC Issued Winchester 94 30-30 (W11173)

Price $2,975.00

Texas Department of Corrections issued Winchester model 1894. The TDC officer on horseback overseeing prisoners who worked in fields planting and harvesting various vegetables and crops to be used at the nearby prison. The same thing applied to roadwork or trash collection. The TDC officer made sure the prisoners' were accounted for and work done correctly. Carbine was made in 1967 and has...

Winchester 1894 Takedown 32...

Winchester 1894 Takedown 32 Winchester Special...

Price $2,995.00

Takedown model manufactured in 1908. Barrel is 26" and has some minor scratches near rear sight. Bore is excellent. Receiver has a mostly brown patina with traces of original finish in protected areas. action works properly. Good to very good overall condition. A popular takedown model.

Northwest Indian Decorated...

Northwest Indian Decorated Winchester 1894...

Price $5,750.00

Made in 1909. 30-30 caliber with a 20 in barrel. Metal has a nice brown patina with pitting throughout metal. This gun is decorated by either the Haida or Tlingit in our estimation. According to the person we purchased this gun from, it came directly out of Alaska. The wood on this gun is fantastically decorated with a carved bird’s head on the butt stock. The...

Winchester 1894 Takedown...

Winchester 1894 Takedown .32 Win Special (W10877)

Price $3,250.00

Winchester 1894 Takedown .32 Win Special caliber rifle. Made in 1911 with half tube magazine and half round/ half octagon barrel. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Receiver has a gray patina, barrel has approximately 98% original finish. Very good overall condition Takedown rifle.  

Winchester Model 94 .32WS...

Winchester Model 94 .32WS (W8077)

Price $4,250.00

Winchester Model 94 .32WS caliber rifle. Made in 1924 with rare special configurations ordered from the factory. From the forend to the buttstock you have features of a saddle ring carbine and from the forend to the end of the barrel you have the features of a rifle with ¾” magazine tube. The barrel has approximately 90% bluing. On the underside of the barrel...

Winchester 94 .32 WS (W9511)

Winchester 94 .32 WS (W9511)

Price $3,495.00

Winchester 94 .32 WS caliber rifle. Takedown rifle made in 1929. Bore is excellent. Front sight is a later replacement. Barrel and tube have approximately 98% original finish. Receiver has approximately 85% original finish with a name lightly etched on link. Very good plus overall condition.

Winchester Model 1894...

Winchester Model 1894 .32-40 (W8076)

Price $3,000.00

Winchester Model 1894 .32-40 caliber rifle. Saddle ring carbine made in 1908. 20” barrel. Bore is lightly pitted with strong rifling. Barrel and frame have a light gray-brown patina with bluing in protected area. Stock has some wear but in excellent overall condition. This is a great saddle ring carbine.  

Winchester Model 94 .32...

Winchester Model 94 .32 Winchester Special (W9086)

Price $3,950.00

Winchester Model 94 .32 Winchester Special caliber carbine. Saddle ring carbine made in 1916. Bore has strong rifling. Approximately 93-95% original finish. There is some flaking on the bottom of the receiver. Wood is very good with minor nicks and dings. No chips or cracks. A very fine saddle ring carbine with eye appeal.