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Winchester “Texas...

Winchester “Texas Sesquicentennial”...

Price $1,750.00
Winchester “Texas Sesquicentennial” Commemorative. Winchester Texas Sesquicentennial commemorative 94AE .30-30 Win caliber rifle with scroll engraved receiver and gold trim. Excellent condition with box and papers.  
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Winchester “Lone Star”...

Winchester “Lone Star” Commemorative (COM2226)

Price $749.95
Winchester “Lone Star” Commemorative. Winchester 94 “Lone Star” Commemorative .30-30 Win caliber rifle with gold receiver and small parts. Near excellent condition, no box.  
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Texas Ranger Commemorative...

Texas Ranger Commemorative (COM2224)

Price $699.95
Texas Ranger Commemorative. Winchester 94 .30-30 Win caliber rifle. Texas Ranger Commemorative with custom satin finish. Very good overall condition.  
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Cherokee Commemorative...

Cherokee Commemorative Carbine (COM2220)

Price $995.00
Cherokee Commemorative Carbine. Winchester 94 .30-30 Win caliber carbine. 1978 issued in Canada. These are scarce in the USA. Very good overall. No box.
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Legendary Lawmen...

Legendary Lawmen Commemorative (COM2209)

Price $599.95
Legendary Lawmen Commemorative. Winchester Model 94 .30-30 Win caliber rifle. Legendary Lawmen Commemorative in near excellent condition, no box.  
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Comanche Commemorative...

Comanche Commemorative Carbine (COM2208)

Price $1,295.00
Comanche Commemorative Carbine. Winchester Model 94 .30-30 Win caliber carbine. Comanche Commemorative Carbine in excellent condition with box. Rare Canadian Issue.  
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