19th Century Buffalo Coat...

19th Century Buffalo Coat (MIS1385)

Price $3,500.00

Authentic 19th century full length Buffalo coat. The sleeves have had elastic cuffs added inside the sleeve so it doesn't show. A neat period piece, in very good condition.

Interesting Truncheon...

Interesting Truncheon (MEW2236)

Price $495.00

Vintage truncheon. Overall length is 13". Top of truncheon has a iron bust of a gentleman wearing a tricorn hat. A very neat curiosity!

Tolles' Binocular Adapter...

Tolles' Binocular Adapter (CUR314)

Price $325.00

Vintage binocular adapter for monocular microscopes. Knob is marked "Patd. July 3'66 R.B. Tolles Boston". Comes with original case. An interesting scientific instrument.