Tolles' Binocular Adapter...

Tolles' Binocular Adapter (CUR314)

Price $325.00

Vintage binocular adapter for monocular microscopes. Knob is marked "Patd. July 3'66 R.B. Tolles Boston". Comes with original case. An interesting scientific instrument.

Fine Tinder Lighter (CUR278)

Fine Tinder Lighter (CUR278)

Price $2,250.00

Fine Tinder Lighter. Probably German made. Overall length is 9”. Lighter is complete, and the action works perfectly. The wood stock is excellent and has a nice warm patina. The frame has light scroll engraving. Powder testers and tinder lighters are very interesting collection items, and this is a handsome example!

Greeners Humane Horse...

Greeners Humane Horse Killer (CUR282)

Price $2,495.00
Greeners Humane Horse Killer. Rare gun for putting livestock down. This gun is in excellent condition with 90% of the original blue. Inside the outer tube is the firing mechanism that has the barrel, chamber and firing pin. This section unscrews from the outer tube, reverses and screws back in. You then use the brass knob to hit the firing pin while the brass plate attached to the outer tube is...