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US Model 1902 Dress Sword...

US Model 1902 Dress Sword (SW1628)

Price $450.00

US officer's dress sword. Ricasso is marked "MC Lilley & Co Columbus O.". Blade is etched with a floral motif and panopoly of arms with US in center. Blade is 30" and overall length is 36". Scabbard is very good with chain. Very good overall condition.

German WWI Officer's Dress...

German WWI Officer's Dress Sword (SW1505)

Price $575.00

Ricasso is marked "W.K. & C.". Blade is 30" and engraved with Bavarian coat of arms along with motto "In Treue Fest!". Guard and languets are engraved with a floral and scroll motif. Good overall condition.

US Model 1902 Officer's...

US Model 1902 Officer's Dress Sword (SW1508)

Price $295.00

US officer's dress sword manufactured by Lauterstein in San Antonio, Texas. Blade is 32" and engraved with various floral motifs and panoply of arms. Good overall condition.

Imperial German Officer's...

Imperial German Officer's Sword (SW1606)

Price $595.00

WWI era German officer's dress sword. Blade is 31". Folding cross guard with Imperial Eagle.  Overall length is 38.5". Very good condition.

Imperial German WWI Unit...

Imperial German WWI Unit Marked 1889 Cavalry...

Price $750.00

Scabbard is unit marked "19.U.3.155". Ulanen-Regiment 19. Blade is 31". Ricasso is marked "Alex Coppel Solingen". Spine is Crown W marked and dated 1915. Very good overall condition.

Petti Bone 1860 Army...

Petti Bone 1860 Army presentation Sword (SW986)

Price $6,500.00

 The Petti Bone Mfg. Co. Post 1860 Army Sword presented to A.P. Wozencraft Dallas, Texas. This is an excellent presentation sword with a 30" blade, and is etched with beautiful floral motif with US script. Ricasso is marked " The Petti Bone Mfg. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio" Guard is a high relief figure of a cloaked rider. Pommel has an eagle perched on a rock over animal heads. Scabbards frag is a...

Peruvian NCO's Saber (SW1625)

Peruvian NCO's Saber (SW1625)

Price $495.00

Manufactured By Eickhorn. Blade is 30". Ricasso is marked "C.E." directly below Carl Eickhorn logo. Good overall condition.

Prussian Model 1811 Blucher...

Prussian Model 1811 Blucher Saber (SW1509)

Price $1,750.00

Unit marked on right langet "1.E.18.". Blade is 32". Overall length is 39". Scabbard has a grey and brown patina. Spine is marked "1831". Very good overall condition.

US Model 1860 Cavalry Saber...

US Model 1860 Cavalry Saber (SW1512)

Price $1,150.00

Civil War cavalry saber. Ricasso is unmarked. Blade is 35" and has a grey patina. Good overall condition. Reasonably priced Civil War cavalry saber.

German WWII Officer's Dress...

German WWII Officer's Dress Sword (SW1621)

Price $475.00

WWII era P guard dress sword. Ricasso is marked WK & C marked. Blade is 31" and has pitting at tip. Languet has a Wehrmacht emblem. Good overall condition.

US Model 1840 Artillery...

US Model 1840 Artillery Saber (SW1620)

Price $1,150.00

Civil War era. Scabbard is very good with a brown patina, no dents or dings. Grip is good with original leather wrap and wire. Ricasso is unmarked. Very good overall condition.

US Model 1840 Musicians...

US Model 1840 Musicians Sword (SW1624)

Price $275.00

Civil War era. Ricasso is marked "Emerson & Silver Tenton NJ". Blade is 28". Scabbard drag has dents and dings. Metal has a brown patina. Reasonably priced Civil War era sword.