Sword Accessories & Misc Items

Yemeni Jambiya dagger...

Yemeni Jambiya dagger (MEW4152) Consignment

Price $200.00

Decorative repro Yemeni Jambiya "dagger" with ornate tin-clad wooden scabbard. The overall length is 23-inches & the simulated blade is 17-inches long & 2.25-inches wide. Embellished with a leather strap. Consignment

Reproduction US WW2 Machete...

Reproduction US WW2 Machete & sheath (MEW4163)...

Price $150.00

Reproduction 18-inch World War II machete made by Ontario Knife Company for Shreck Wholesale Industries ("SWI"). Marked "U.S. 1943" on the ricasso. Comes with reproduction sheath. Consignment

Randall Made Knives Sheath...

Randall Made Knives Sheath (MIS3298)

Price $200.00

Randall made knives genuine leather sheath for 12" blade and 3.5" across. Overall in excellent condition. Comes with sharpening stone.

Interesting Truncheon...

Interesting Truncheon (MEW2236)

Price $495.00

Vintage truncheon. Overall length is 13". Top of truncheon has a iron bust of a gentleman wearing a tricorn hat. A very neat curiosity!