U.S. Fighting Knives and Bolos

1909 US Military...

1909 US Military Bolo/Machete (MEW3027)

Price $725.00

WWI US Bolo Knife with Leather scabbard in very good condition. Bright blade stamped PLUMB PHILA. 1917. Scabbard stamped, LADEW W.E.A.G.

US 1909  Bolo/Machete...

US 1909 Bolo/Machete (MEW2805)

Price $175.00

US Machete/Bolo with leather scabbard in good condition. Bright blade has couple rust spots and scabbard seam is spilt.

USMC Bolo Knife ( MEW3028)

USMC Bolo Knife ( MEW3028)

Price $400.00

WWII Medical Corpman Bolo/Knife and scabbard.Bright blade marked USMC and PLUMB.Scabbard stamped USMC BOYT 1944.

WWII Theater Made Knife...

WWII Theater Made Knife (MEW3020)

Price $155.00

WWII theater Made knife. Sailors on board ships had access to machines and soldiers would pay for these custom knives.

Remington Rolling Block...

Remington Rolling Block Knife (MEW2948)

Price $150.00

Rolling Block Cut Down Bayonet to fighting knife. Bright blade marked Remington Arms Co. Ilion NY. Muzzle ring ground down and attachment button filled in.

US Military Machete (MEW2764)

US Military Machete (MEW2764)

Price $150.00

US Military Machete in good condition.Blade has been sharpened .Blade is US marked and Collins & Co  1944.Leather scabbard is marked Collins & Co.

US Military 1917 Bolo...

US Military 1917 Bolo (MEW2743)

Price $350.00

US Model 1917 Bolo knife with 1918 dated canvas scabbard.Blade is made by Plumb St.Louis 1918.Both in good condition.

US Pilots Survival Knife...

US Pilots Survival Knife (MEW2709)

Price $150.00

US  pilots Survival Knife in very good condition. Made by Camillus N.Y. 8-1979.Leather sheath has sharpening stone.

WWI US 1917 Bolo Knife...

WWI US 1917 Bolo Knife (MEW2617)

Price $625.00

 US WWI Bolo Knife made by Springfield Armory in 1917.Blade marked S A 1917, with ordnance bomb. Scabbard marked A-K-co 1918 B.H.S.