U.S. Fighting Knives and Bolos

Robeson ShurEdge USN Mk. 1...

Robeson ShurEdge USN Mk. 1 knife (MEW2403)

Price $550.00

World War II era USN Mk.1 fighting knife made by Robeson ShurEdge with aluminum pommel in good overall condition. Comes with leather sheath in fair condition.

Collins & Co. V-44 Survival...

Collins & Co. V-44 Survival Knife (MEW2319)

Price $595.00

Scarce WWII survival knife with original scabbard. Ricasso is marked "Collins & Co. Legitimus No. 18" Scabbard worn and "Collins & Co. Legitimus" is visible. Good overall condition.

US Navy Mark 1 Fighting...

US Navy Mark 1 Fighting Knife (MEW2175)

Price $225.00

Manufactured by Robeson. Ricasso is marked "Robeson ShurEdge No. 20" and "U.S.N" on opposite side. Blade has a small small chip at point. Metal is turning a gray patina. Scabbard is marked "U.S.N. MK2". Good overall condition.

U.S. Confederate Bowie...

U.S. Confederate Bowie Knife (MEW1310 )

Price $3,495.00

U.S. Confederate Bowie Knife. Possibly Cook and Brothers. This is one of the mystery blades of the Confederacy where no one knows exactly who made it, but it is agreed to be a Confederate made Bowie! Some well-known dealers and collectors attribute the manufacture to Cook and Brother of New Orleans. These knives have an unusual ring on the guard, some examples having just one ring, others...