U.S. Fighting Knives and Bolos

WWI M1917 Trench knife...

WWI M1917 Trench knife (MEW2328)

Price $850.00

WWI U.S. military trench knife with 9" triangular stiletto blade and studded knuckle guard. The walnut grip are in near excellent condition with some light combat wear. Has approximately half of the blue is remaining and is mainly located on the ricasso and knuckle guards. The blade has been sharpened long ago and is in very good condition. The ricasso is marked "U.S. L.F. & C. (Landers,...

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US WWI Trench Knife (MEW2317)

US WWI Trench Knife (MEW2317)

Price $795.00

1918 Trench Knife by L.F. & C. Blade has been sharpened. Scabbard is marked "L.F.&C. 1918". Good overall condition.

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Unusual L.F.&C "Knife"...

Unusual L.F.&C "Knife" (MEW2320)

Price $195.00

Interesting "fighting knife" made from a Model 1913 Patton cavalry sword. Speculation is that these were produced by L.F.&C. from blades which were not well finished. Blade is 8" and overall length is 14.25". A neat and unusual blade.

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US Model 1910 Bolo (MEW2169)

US Model 1910 Bolo (MEW2169)

Price $250.00

Manufactured in 1912 by Springfield Armory. Spine has some dings. Metal has some areas of light scattered pitting. Good condition with scabbard.

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Rare Rifleman's Knife...

Rare Rifleman's Knife (MEW2140)

Price $5,500.00

Original Riflemans knife. Ricassso is marked "Ames MFG Co. Cabotville 1849" and is marked "S. Carolina" near spine. The reverse side is marked "USMR" for the US mounted riflemen. The cross guard has the "WD" and "JWR" markings. The sheath is leather with brass fittings. The stud, for frog, is marked "D". The blade has been sharpened long ago most likely by a soldier. The hilt is very good...

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US WWI Trench Knife (MEW2103)

US WWI Trench Knife (MEW2103)

Price $895.00

1918 trench knife by Au Lion. Blade has a mostly gray patina with some light surface etching. Scabbard has some dents and dings. Good overall condition. A desirable trench knife.

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US WWII Marine Raider...

US WWII Marine Raider (MEW2102)

Price $495.00

Scarce WWII fighting knife. Blade is beginning to turn a gray patina. Scabbard is good with a pin up carved on front. Hard to find.

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Original WWI M1917 Bolo...

Original WWI M1917 Bolo Knife and Scabbard...

Price $245.00
Original WWI M1917 bolo knife and scabbard by A.C.Co. Chicago. Date 1918. Bolo knife still has original dark finish. Scabbard is in great condition. Very good looking bolo knife!
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Vietnam War Era Special...

Vietnam War Era Special Forces 2 knife set...

Price $3,500.00
Vietnam War Era Special Forces 2 knife set An impressive pair of knives owned by a U.S. soldier who served three tours in Vietnam. The first knife is a Special Forces fighting knife, marked “5th Special Forces Group (Abn) / Vietnam” on the blade. It also has the Special Forces logo and motto “De Oppresso Liber” on the ricasso. The second knife is a Randall Model 14 Attack knife marked “Randall...
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U.S. Civil War Fighting...

U.S. Civil War Fighting Knife (MEW1863)

Price $650.00
U.S. Civil War Fighting Knife. This is a non-regulated union fighting knife. Only markings noted are N.Y. 1863 and No.4 on each side of the hand guard.
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U.S. Model 1917 Trench...

U.S. Model 1917 Trench Knuckle Knife (K1862)

Price $375.00
U.S. Model 1917 Trench Knuckle Knife. Guard is marked “L.F. & C” (manufactured by Landers, Frary and Clark). Very good condition, no scabbard.
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U.S. WWI Model 1917 Trench...

U.S. WWI Model 1917 Trench Knuckle Knife (MEW1702)

Price $425.00
U.S. WWI Model 1917 Trench Knuckle Knife. U.S. WWI trench knife by L.F. & C. (Landers Frary & Clark) dated 1917. Handle has soldiers inscription “Fiorentin”. These WWI trench knives were for some hand to hand combat and are fearsome weapons.  No Scabbard             
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