U.S. Fighting Knives and Bolos

US Pilots Survival Knife...

US Pilots Survival Knife (MEW3232)

Price $150.00

US Jet Pilots Survival Knife Dated 1975" Viet Nam Era" by Ontario Knife And Scabbard in Excellent Condition.

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US Air Force Survival...

US Air Force Survival Machete (MEW2798)

Price $195.00

US Air Force Survival knife/machete in excellent condition.Blade is made by Imperial Knife Co. Prov. RI.Leather scabbard is marked machete with sheath type A1.

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WWII Theater Made Knife...

WWII Theater Made Knife (MEW3020)

Price $155.00

WWII theater Made knife. Sailors on board ships had access to machines and soldiers would pay for these custom knives.

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WWII US Navy MK1 Deck knife...

WWII US Navy MK1 Deck knife (MEW3070)

Price $175.00

US Navy MK Fighting knife with in out wear. Blade marked Robeson No20 USN MK1. Grey plastic scabbard marked USN MK1.

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WWI US 1917 Knuckle...

WWI US 1917 Knuckle Fighting Knife (MEW2825)

Price $1,175.00

US 1917 Fighting Knife with scabbard in excellent condition knife marked US L.F.&C.1917.Excellent condition scabbard marked Jewel 1918,at seam.

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