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Very Rare Jimmy Lile Death...

Very Rare Jimmy Lile Death Wind (K2199) ATX

Price $2,295.00

Very Rare Jimmy Lile Death Wind.   This is a  Jimmy Lile  “Death Wind” combat knife with 6” blade. This  knife is in brand new condition as well as the ambidextrous sheath. This knife is serial number 198. This knife has the “LILE” marking with the dot. Very rare knife with only 274 of these ever made.

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British Naval Dirk (MEW3207)

British Naval Dirk (MEW3207)

Price $1,695.00

Circa 1800. Dirk has a 14” blade and is 19” overall length. The blade is decorated with blue and gilt. The scabbard is leather with a brass throat and drag.

British Naval Dirk by...

British Naval Dirk by Richard Clarke (MEW3195)

Price $1,595.00

Circa 1800. Dirk has a 6 ¾” blade and is a 11” overall length. Grip is checkered ivory. Pommel and guard is brass. The scabbard is engraved brass and is marked with the maker name and address on the back of the scabbard.

British Naval Dirk (MEW3206)

British Naval Dirk (MEW3206)

Price $1,795.00

Circa 1800. Dirk has a 10” curved blade and is 13 ½” in overall length. The blade has light staining. The grip is checkered ivory with a brass guard. Scabbard is leather with brass furniture.

British Naval Dirk (MEW3205)

British Naval Dirk (MEW3205)

Price $1,895.00

Circa 1800. Dirk 11” long and is 15” overall. Blade is curved and has traces of etching. Grip is ivory with a lion pommel and chain. Scabbard is leather.

Inscribed Presentation...

Inscribed Presentation British Naval Dirk...

Price $1,895.00

Circa 1800. Dirk has an 8” blade and is 11”. Blue has 50% of the original blue and some of the gild. Grip is crudely carved ivory. Scabbard is engraved gilded brass. The back of the scabbard is engraved “Wm King to Wm V Neils” Ver fine British Presentation naval dirk!

British Naval Dirk (MEW3196)

British Naval Dirk (MEW3196)

Price $1,995.00

Circa 1800. Dirk has a 9” blade and is 12 ¾” overall length. This dirk has a circular decorated guard with a circular ivory grip and a Lion pommel. The blade is acid etched. The scabbard is brass with double hangars. Both sides of the scabbard are engraved.

Buffalo Hunter Skinning Set...

Buffalo Hunter Skinning Set (MIS1366)

Price $2,995.00

Very fine original Skinner Set. 14” overall length and 4 ½” wide. This skinning set has 5 skinning knives. Only two of the knives are marked. One knife is marked “Russel & Co/ Green River Works” the other is not completely legible with “Nicho???” The knife block is covered in leather with brass tacks and a “V” on the front.

Beautiful Indonesian Kris...

Beautiful Indonesian Kris (K2263)

Price $3,495.00

Beautiful Indonesian Keris. Very fine and impressive Keris circa 1870’s with ivory sheath and grip, 14” watered (Damascus) blade with bronze dragon and an overall length of 20 ½”. Scabbard has a very minor chip. This is the finest Keris we have ever owned.

Rare Type Indonesian Kris...

Rare Type Indonesian Kris (K2253)

Price $1,050.00
Rare Type Indonesian Kris. The watered blade is 13 ½” long and has an area 5” from the hilt where the blade parts as (see through rivulets) giving the impression of running water at the hilt. There is a chiseled “effigy” of a deity? There is an iron statue of a figure of a man with hands clasped together and the face gives the impression of prayer or deep thought. The sheath is more typical of...
Ames Double Dog Head Bowie...

Ames Double Dog Head Bowie Knife (K1823)

Price $4,750.00
Ames Double Dog Head Bowie Knife. Very scarce Ames manufactured Bowie knife. Not a lot is known about these knives. Several known examples have soldiers’ names to units that were raised in the Springfield and Chicopee regions of Massachusetts; which is also the area where the Ames factory was located. Blade shows a light to medium gray patina with some darker staining. This looks like a knife...
Wostenholm & Son Bowie...

Wostenholm & Son Bowie Knife (K2029)

Price $3,500.00
Wostenholm & Son Bowie Knife. 9 ¼” Blade and 14 5/8” overall length. Overall very good condition, no original polish. Blade has spots of light pitting. Blade markings are nice and clear. Left hand side is marked “G. Wostenholm & Son/Washington Works/Sheffield”. Ricasso is marked “I*XL”. Grips are stag. Sheath is a well-made replacement.