Modern Custom Knives

Signed Microtech/Borka...

Signed Microtech/Borka Blades SBD D/E (MEW3113)

Price $750.00

SN: 273. Microtech collaboration with Borka dual edge, M390 fixed blade. Made in June 2021. Black DLC finish with G10 grips. Overall excellent condition. Comes with Borka Blades emblazoned leather sheathe-holster, carbon fiber sheath/holster, cloth drawstring bag and box. The box has been signed by the Blade maker Sebastijan Berenji and dated "7-23-2022."

Jimmy Lile Toothpick knife...

Jimmy Lile Toothpick knife (MEW2962)

Price $3,000.00

Blade is 10" in length, engraved "Hand Made by James B Lile. Features a brass guard antler handle and custom leather sheath. Overall length is 16.25"

Jimmy Lile's Personal Bowie...

Jimmy Lile's Personal Bowie Knife (MEW2961)

Price $7,500.00

Blade is 12" in length engraved "hand made by James B Lile" features an engraved brass guard, antler handle, and brass pommel engraved with initials "J.B.L" Overall length is 17.5" and comes with a custom fitted leather sheath. Letter of provenance from Marilyn Lile Miller describes the knife. James B Lile developed the notorious knife for "Rambo First Blood"

Des Horn Imvubu (MEW2481)

Des Horn Imvubu (MEW2481)

Price $875.00

Des Horn custom folder with 3.75" RWL 34 blade and polished carbon fiber scales. Excellent condition with soft case.

Des Horn SlimFlip (MEW2482)

Des Horn SlimFlip (MEW2482)

Price $800.00

Des Horn custom folder with 3.75" Nitrobe 77 blade and orange micarta inlay scales. Excellent condition with soft case.

Marfione Custom Troodon...

Marfione Custom Troodon (MEW2280)

Price $1,395.00

Premium auto knife with 3" mirror polished double edged blade, anodized hefted alloy and copper hardware. A beautiful auto knife of exceptional quality.

Marfione Custom Whale Shark...

Marfione Custom Whale Shark Flipper (MEW2249)

Price $2,495.00

Premium custom flipper with titanium handle, 4" polished blade and fire blued screw heads. Excellent condition. A great piece of master craftsmanship by Marfione. (Manufactured 2012)

Tom Mayo Covert Flipper...

Tom Mayo Covert Flipper (MEW2210)

Price $3,195.00

Top of the line custom flipper by Tom Mayo with 3.5" 6K (stellite) anti-corrosive blade and carbon fiber grip panel. A great example of his quality craftsmanship!

Jimmy Lile Lone Wolf...

Jimmy Lile Lone Wolf Gonzavullas Bowie (K2264)

Price $3,950.00

Jimmy Lile Lone Wolf Gonzavullas Bowie. Outstanding Bowie knife with 9” blade. Ricasso is marked Lile on one side and #98 Lone Wolf Gonzaullas on other. Grip is ivory. Comes with display case. Excellent condition. A desirable Lile!

Steve Nolte Custom Dagger...

Steve Nolte Custom Dagger (K2242)

Price $995.00
Steve Nolte Custom Dagger. Has 5 ¼” double edged Damascus blade. The handle is fantastic carved antler with animal figures. With sheath.
Yanyutin/PF Collaboration...

Yanyutin/PF Collaboration Handbuilt Damascus...

Price $6,199.95
Yanyutin/PF Collaboration handbuilt Damascus folder. Zirc bolsters, titanium blued pocket clip and hardware. Timascus inlay, titanium blued backspacer, hand forged XHP core Damascus blade with four open flutes.
Jimmy Lile Large Locking...

Jimmy Lile Large Locking Folder (K2006)

Price $695.00
Jimmy Lile Large Locking Folder. Stag insert handle. Blade is signed. Knife is in excellent condition! Later knife with a Dot. Jimmy Lyle Knives are highly sought after!
Jimmy Lile EZ Folder (K2009)

Jimmy Lile EZ Folder (K2009)

Price $750.00
Jimmy Lile EZ Folder. Stone Insert Grip. Knife is in excellent condition. Jimmy Lile Folders are highly prized.