British & Scottish Dirks & Fighting Knives

WW2 Era British J. Nowill...

WW2 Era British J. Nowill Sheffield Bowie (K2309)

Price $199.95

7.75" blade, 12.75" OAL stag handle, aluminum pommel and brass guard with original sheath. Blade is lightly etched J. Nowill & Sons Sheffield England. Good condition with signs of age

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WW2 Fairbairn Sykes...

WW2 Fairbairn Sykes Commando Dagger Marked "42"...

Price $375.00

Original issued WW2 SAS F/S knife, 6.75" blade, 11.5" OAL original type 2 sheath with added lanyard keeper. Guard marked England and broadhead under 42, #1 makers stamp near pommel. Condition good, blade has most of finish removed but is full.

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British Commando Knife...

British Commando Knife (MEW3468)

Price $300.00

British Broad Arrow B2 Marked and No.4 on pommel. Also marked made in England on both scabbard & knife. In Excellent Condition.

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British Broad Arrow...

British Broad Arrow Commando Knife (MEW2860)

Price $350.00

Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife in very good condition.Thick crossguard marked England on one side,I Broad Arrow on other.Leather scabbard is a little taddy.

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British Naval Dirk Circa...

British Naval Dirk Circa 1800 (MEW2238)

Price $3,500.00

This British Naval dirk circa 1800 is complete with its original scabbard. The overall length is 19.5". The 14 5/8" blade is finished bright with scattered spotting. The obverse side has, from the hilt, an engraved 2.25" semicircular double line arc with sun bursts inside, approx. 2" of flower motif engraving, a .75" pineapple, a 1.25" nearly circular double line oval with small circles...

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Scottish Dirk by Wilson &...

Scottish Dirk by Wilson & Sharp (K1875)

Price $3,250.00
Scottish Dirk by Wilson & Sharp. Made by Wilson and Sharp of Edinburg. Records show them in Edinburg in 1895. Silver mounts are marked with the “W & S” mark as well as city marking. The blade has a worked back and measures 10½”. Overall length is 17”. The hilt side, knife and fork are woven rope design. Silver parts depict intertwining geometric motifs in Gaelic manner. Leather is...
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Scottish Highland Dirk (K1877)

Scottish Highland Dirk (K1877)

Price $3,450.00
Scottish Highland Dirk. Silver mounted with the mounts having intertwining runic patterns. The blade has a clipped point and has an intricate worked back. The overall length is 16¾”. The dirk, side knife and fork are hilted with staghorn. No doubt a salute to the old Highland Gaels of the 16th and 17th centuries when the Highlanders fought with long dirks mounted with stag such as this example....
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British Pattern 1879-1901...

British Pattern 1879-1901 Officers Naval Dirk...

Price $850.00
British Pattern 1879-1901 Officers Naval Dirk. 18” Blade and 23” overall. Blade is well etched and has the royal arms of the monarch. Ricasso is etched “Batson London”. Reverse is etched with crown over fouled anchor. Leather scabbard and fishskin hilt are sound with light wear and no losses. Scabbard throat is personalized with initials “G.R.E”.
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Scottish Highland Dirk (K1876)

Scottish Highland Dirk (K1876)

Price $2,450.00
Scottish Highland Dirk. Late 19th century. Silver mounts with silversmith touch marks and the cypher “M & C” for Mackay and Chisholm of Edinburgh. Blade length is 11”. Overall length is 18”. Hilt and knife / fork are in a woven rope motif. All cut crystal stoned have no chips. Leather has some light crazing. Overall a very handsome Scottish Dirk.
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Scottish Dirk Circa 1800....

Scottish Dirk Circa 1800. Style of a Ballock...

Price $1,850.00
Scottish dirk circa 1800. Style of a Ballock dagger. 11 3/4" blade length and 16" over all. Scabbard is proper design and style but is very good later replacement.  
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Scottish Regimental...

Scottish Regimental Skeandhu (MEW884)

Price $650.00
Scottish Regimental Skeandhu with Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders insignia handle. Has 3 1/2" blade and measures 7 1/2î overall. Topaz in pommel. Nice regimental skeandhu.
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Scottish Victorian Skeandhu...

Scottish Victorian Skeandhu (MEW882)

Price $875.00
Scottish Victorian Skeandhu. with 3 3/4" blade. Measures 7 1/4" overall. Has carved handle with topaz in pommel and relief thistle and acorn mounts. Very fine Skeandhu.
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Scottish Dirk from the 19th...

Scottish Dirk from the 19th century (MEW879)

Price $3,495.00
Scottish Dirk from the 19th century with 13 1/2" blade. Measures 20" overall. Handle is carved with a Highland bonnet on one side and acorns and thistles in silver on the other side. Perfect clear stone in pommel. This dirk was made without provision for the knife and fork. This is a larger than usual size. Impressive Highland dirk.
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