German Daggers

German NSKK Dagger (MEW3158)

German NSKK Dagger (MEW3158)

Price $699.95

German NSKK Dagger Scarce Maker Ed Gembruch. Black Paint Has Mostly Chipped Off Of Scabbard. Blade Has Been Sharpened. Small Chip On Back Of Grip Two Screws Missing. Has Early Hanger.

1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger...

1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger (MEW3155)

Price $699.95

Luftwaffe 1st Model Dagger Missing Chain And Leather Wrapping On Scabbard. Blade By Herder is Excellent. Early Nickel fittings.

German Police Bayonet...

German Police Bayonet (MEW3154)

Price $849.95

WWII German Police Bayonet In Excellent Condition With Frog .Bright Blade By Eichhorn. Hole In Grip Where Clamshell Used To Be. Leather Scabbard Has Matching District Number.

German SA Dagger Made By...

German SA Dagger Made By J.A. Henckels (MEW3104)

Price $1,199.95

German SA Dagger In Very Good Condition. Bright blade Has Very Few Spots. Looks Like Fingerprints. Scabbard Screws Look Unturned And Some Flaking On Anodizing. Hanger Missing Clip. Unusual Group Marking.

German RZM Type Dagger...

German RZM Type Dagger (MEW3105)

Price $849.95

German Dagger RZM M7/66 1941.Blade Has Surface Rust. Scabbard Has Unturned Screws And 97% Paint. Uncrushed Ball And Bright Fittings. Hanger And Clip Well Worn.

German SA Dagger (MEW3103)

German SA Dagger (MEW3103)

Price $795.00

German Dagger Made By REMEVE. Some Dark Spots And In/Out Marks. Scabbard Has Surface Rust.

German SA Dagger RZM Blade...

German SA Dagger RZM Blade (MEW2460)

Price $475.00

German SA Dagger With RZM 7/73 And Dark Blade. Painted Scabbard Is Missing Two Screws And Has Some Paint Missing And A Dent.

German Luftwaffe Officers...

German Luftwaffe Officers Dagger (MEW2984)

Price $875.00

WWII German Luftwaffe (Airforce) officers dagger made by E+F Horster, Solingen with Horster logo on the ricasso. The metal has some ligt tarnishing. the grip is in excellent condition with properly fitted wire inlay. The sheathe has some tarnishing from age and shows no damage.

German SS Dagger with Chain...

German SS Dagger with Chain (MEW2958)

Price $6,500.00

Scarce SS dagger with chain. Ricasso is marked "Boker Solingen". Scabbard is very good with 98% original plating and finish. Grip is good with some light handling wear. Very good overall condition.

German NSKK Dagger (MEW2957)

German NSKK Dagger (MEW2957)

Price $1,195.00

NSKK Dagger with hanger. Blade is RZM marked. Scabbard is very good with some minor flaking. Very good overall condition.

German Hunting Dagger...

German Hunting Dagger (MEW2275)

Price $695.00

German hunting dagger by J.V. Garantiert. Blade is etched with various game scenes. Stag grips are excellent. Quillion is a hoof. Leather scabbard is very good with an acorn for the stud. Very good overall condition. Reasonably priced.

German Naval Dagger (MEW2029)

German Naval Dagger (MEW2029)

Price $1,395.00

German 2nd model Naval dagger. Ricasso is marked "Eickhorn Solingen". Scabbard is very good. Portapee is tatty. Very good overall condition.

WWII German 1st Model...

WWII German 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger (MEW1925)

Price $1,275.00
WWII German 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger. Ricasso is marked Eickhorn Solingen. Blade is very good with some light wear. Scabbard has metal hanger. Very good overall condition.
Italian Model 1925 MVSN...

Italian Model 1925 MVSN Dagger (MEW1919)

Price $1,250.00
Italian Model 1925 MVSN Dagger. Black Shirts dagger. Guard is marked MVSN on one side and E653 on the other. No scabbard. An affordable fascist dagger.
German Dagger (SW1155)

German Dagger (SW1155)

Price $1,850.00
German imperial officer’s sawback dress dagger or short sword. Manufactured by Luke (mark on ricasso with logo). Blade is 20” long and sword is 25” overall. Blade is floral etched on both sides and shows a panoply of swords, drums, spears, helmets, and canons! Hilt parts and scabbard parts are gilted and retain 93-95% finish. Leather has minor scuffs but stitching excellent and the scabbard is...