German Daggers

German WWII Army Dagger...

German WWII Army Dagger (MEW2006)

Price $1,095.00

Very fine WWII Army dagger. Ricasso is marked Eickhorn. Pommel, guard and scabbard have 98% of it's silver plating that is tarnished and looks great. Comes with original hanger, "frog" (very hard to find) and portepee. Tough to find a better example!

German WWII SA Dagger...

German WWII SA Dagger (MEW2004)

Price $475.00

German WWII Sturmabtielung aka Brown Shirts dagger. Blade is marked RZM M7/10 1941 and has some minor wear. Hilt has some handling marks in the wood a the cross guard and a tiny chip near the pommel. Sheath is excellent on the one side and other has several tiny nicks. An original WWII bring back dated 1941.

German Hunting Dagger (K2238)

German Hunting Dagger (K2238)

Price $495.00
German Hunting Dagger. Approximately 11” blade. Ricasso has a K over an anvil. Stag grip, with ivory pommel. A neat vintage hunting dagger.
German RAD Officers Dagger...

German RAD Officers Dagger (MEW1980)

Price $3,250.00
German RAD Officers Dagger. Vary fine RAD dagger. Scabbard, cross guard and pommel retain their original silver plating and have tarnished with age. The smaller langet has a few dings. Blade is excellent. Ricasso is marked “Rich Plumacher Sohn Solingen”. Very good plus overall condition. A desirable RAD officer’s dagger.
Pre-WWII German Hunting...

Pre-WWII German Hunting Dagger (MEW1931)

Price $1,150.00
Pre-WWII German Hunting Dagger. Blade is 12” with sawback edge and etched with game scenes. Overall length is 19”. Bone grip is very good. Very good overall condition.
Very Fine WWII German...

Very Fine WWII German National Shooting...

Price $2,250.00
Very Fine WWII German National Shooting Association Cutlass. Desirable orange grip is unchipped (many of these you come across are chipped or cracked). Ricasso is marked Aloso Solingen.
WWII German 1st Model...

WWII German 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger (MEW1925)

Price $1,275.00
WWII German 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger. Ricasso is marked Eickhorn Solingen. Blade is very good with some light wear. Scabbard has metal hanger. Very good overall condition.
Italian Model 1925 MVSN...

Italian Model 1925 MVSN Dagger (MEW1919)

Price $1,250.00
Italian Model 1925 MVSN Dagger. Black Shirts dagger. Guard is marked MVSN on one side and E653 on the other. No scabbard. An affordable fascist dagger.
Red Cross Leader Dagger....

Red Cross Leader Dagger. (MEW1881)

Price $849.95
Red Cross Leader Dagger. WWII German. Blade is excellent. Hilt is excellent, no cracks or chips. Pommel and guard are excellent. Correct original Sheath. Has over 90% original nickel plate that has started to flake and has rust spots where the nickel flaked. A professional nickel plater might be a ble to do some restoration to the sheath. Reasonably priced!
German Dagger (SW1155)

German Dagger (SW1155)

Price $1,850.00
German imperial officer’s sawback dress dagger or short sword. Manufactured by Luke (mark on ricasso with logo). Blade is 20” long and sword is 25” overall. Blade is floral etched on both sides and shows a panoply of swords, drums, spears, helmets, and canons! Hilt parts and scabbard parts are gilted and retain 93-95% finish. Leather has minor scuffs but stitching excellent and the scabbard is...
German Cuttoe Hunting...

German Cuttoe Hunting Dagger (K1587)

Price $1,250.00
German Cuttoe Hunting Dagger. Made circa 1750. Blade length is 17½” and overall length is 23½”. Pommel and guard are pierced. Hilt is staghorn.