Ammo Pouches & Boxes

New York State Mills...

New York State Mills Cartridge Belt .45-70...

Price $325.00

New York State Mills cartridge belt for 45-70. These were issued to the state guards who were issued the Springfield Trapdoor rifle and saw service during the Spanish American War. Belt is in overall good condition and is still a nice blue color. Some minor fraying is noted on a few cartridge loops. 

U.S. Civil War Cartridge...

U.S. Civil War Cartridge Box (MIS1339)

Price $550.00

U.S. Civil War pattern 1861 .58 caliber cartridge box. Box is unmarked and is in fair condition with flaking noted on the leather. Comes with original tins, leather tab is broken and missing. The sling attached to the box is made from a rifle sling. Would look great in any Civil War collectors display. 

Civil War Cartridge Box...

Civil War Cartridge Box (MIS1337)

Price $175.00

J. Davy Co. Civil War pistol cartridge box in overall good condition with inspector mark present. Wooden insert is missing. 

Fourth Model Mckeever...

Fourth Model Mckeever Cartridge Box (MIS1336)

Price $225.00

4TH Model Mckeever Cartridge box in overall good condition. Box is chambered for 45-70 and was manufactured at the Watervliet Arsenal. Leather is still supple with some flaking noted.