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Anson Mills Belt with...

Anson Mills Belt with Remington Dog (MIS1342)

Price $175.00

3"  Anson mills web belt with Remington Dog's Head buckle. Looks to be chambered for .38-55. Belt is in overall good condition with minor staining noted. Great looking civilian web belt!

US Model 1874 Belt Buckle...

US Model 1874 Belt Buckle (MM1453)

Price $225.00

Indian Wars period US belt buckle. Original leather is very good with some crazing. Belt buckle has an aged mellow patina and looks great.

US WWI Belt and Gear (MM1504)

US WWI Belt and Gear (MM1504)

Price $349.95

Original WWI US belt with gear. 1911 holster is dated 1918 and marked "G&K" and "WJD".  Canteen is very good. First aid pouch has a small kit. Magazine pouch is dated 1918 and marked "P.B. & Co.". Very good overall condition.