Misc Military Items

Mexican Mauser Presentation...

Mexican Mauser Presentation Plaqque (MIS1602)

Price $995.00

Plaque/ Desk Ornament made from a Mexican mauser action and part of the barrel. It was presented to Colonel Corando L. Ruiz who was the Director of the National Arms Makers.

Inglis BREN MKII Parts Kit...

Inglis BREN MKII Parts Kit (MIS1603)

Price $1,500.00

80% decommissioned Canadian WWII machine gun parts kit dated 1943. The lower, stock, grip, barrel and bipod and assembly parts are all intact. comes with two magazines. The receiver has been cut in two places and the upper is missing. The bore is in excellent condition with strong rifling. Overall condition is very good. Comes in wood crate. *Is NON-Functioning and sold as a parts kit.

Gas Mask (MM1924)

Gas Mask (MM1924)

Price $350.00

MSA M42 gas mask with hood, extension hose and radio mic.

Lot of SS Booklets (MM1407)

Lot of SS Booklets (MM1407)

Price $1,895.00

Lot of four SS booklets. SS Soldbuch with picture inside and earliest dates (inside booklet) of 1944. Dich Ruft Die SS booklet, which is a little tatty and has a hole punch thru top left corner. 1944 dated SS Soldatenfeund. Lastly a 1942 dated SS Leitheft. A reasonably priced set with a hard to find SS Soldbuch with photo.

Surplus East German Rg57...

Surplus East German Rg57 AK-74 cleaning kit...

Price $50.00

Surplus East German (DDR) Rg57 cleaning kit for the MPi Km-72 & MPi KmS-72 assault rifles (East German AKM derivatives). Kit is complete & in excellent condition.