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Scarf  (MM509)

Scarf (MM509)

Price $45.00
Scarf made from U.S. Navy WWII parachute.
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Lock  (MM223)

Lock (MM223)

Price $995.00
Lock measuring 15"x8". Key meausures 12 3/4"x3 1/2"
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Civil War Drum  (CIVILWARDRUM)


Price $4,000.00
Civil War Drum. This is an uncut Union issued Civil War drum. These were often cut down to be easier to carry. This one is uncut. The picture depicts a mounted Union officer.
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U.S. Model 1873 Trowel...

U.S. Model 1873 Trowel Bayonet (MM1336)

Price $995.00
U.S. Model 1873 Trowel Bayonet. Beautiful Model 1873 trowel bayonet and scabbard. Scabbard is in excellent condition. Trowel is in its Arsenal Bright finish with 97% original bluing on the handle. Great example of an early Indian wars accoutrements!
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German WWII Deactivated...

German WWII Deactivated Fuse with Bakelite...

Price $250.00
German WWII Deactivated Fuse with Bakelite Transporter. Both pieces are in excellent condition. Bakelite case is dated 1941. Fuse is dated 1945. Waffenamt is easily seen! These were used on the deadly 88mm flak gun!
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U.S. WWII German T.Mi.42...

U.S. WWII German T.Mi.42 Training Tellermine...

Price $295.00
U.S. WWII German T.Mi.42 Training Tellermine. A T.Mi.42 mine built by the U.S. to train troops on how to deactivate live Tellermines. This is inert and hollow.
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Batty Martial “Peace”...

Batty Martial “Peace” Powder Flask Dated 1857...

Price $450.00
Batty Martial “Peace” Powder Flask dated 1857. Flask is a smooth chocolate patina with a slight split on the edge. Minor dents are noted great looking flask for your Mississippi rifle!
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