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WWII German Forestry...

WWII German Forestry Enlisted Mans Visor Cap...

Price $450.00
WWII German Forestry Enlisted Mans Visor Cap. Size 56. Very good condition.                                                       
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M40 Single Decal Heer...

M40 Single Decal Heer Helmet (MH458)

Price $495.00
M40 Single Decal Heer Helmet. Q66 batch number 9070. Possible Kriegsmarine issue, with gold decal. Liner rivets and chin strap are missing. A desirable helmet.
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Afrika Korps Pith Helmet...

Afrika Korps Pith Helmet (MH466)

Price $749.95
Afrika Korps Pith Helmet. Luftwaffe issue. Chin strap is broken. Very good overall condition. A hard to find Luftwaffe Pith.
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M35 Double Decal Luftwaffe...

M35 Double Decal Luftwaffe Helmet (MH463)

Price $1,350.00
M35 Double Decal Luftwaffe Helmet. Marked SE66 batch number 20887. Liner is size 58 (original). Great looking double decal. Hard to find.
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Luftschultz Helmet (MH461)

Luftschultz Helmet (MH461)

Price $249.50
Luftschultz Helmet. Size 56. Most of liner is missing. Good overall condition.
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Grand Army of the Republic...

Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Kepi (MH457)

Price $175.00
Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Kepi. Kepi is in fair condition. Shows moth holes and other storage wear. Civil War Union veterans wore these at parades and other functions. Inside shows remains of tag with “Washington” and” Boston” visible.
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Japanese WWII era Helmet...

Japanese WWII era Helmet (MH455)

Price $125.00
Japanese WWII era Helmet. Helmet shows usage. Parts of liner and chin strap remain. Great for any Japanese display.
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Dutch Goedgekeurd Verblifa...

Dutch Goedgekeurd Verblifa Helmet (MH454)

Price $45.00
Dutch Goedgekeurd Verblifa Helmet. Dutch copy of the famous British MK II Brodie Helmet. Helmet is in good condition. Has an area of rust and discoloration. Liner and chin strap are intact. Stamped inside “Goedgekeurd DML No 14”. These were used by the Dutch Civil Defense.
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