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Quenn Victoria Golden...

Quenn Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 Maltese...

Price $120.00

A gold washed bronze Maltese medal commemorating the 1887 Golden Jubilee of the coronation of Queen Victoria of England. Has Queen Victoria's repousse profile with important dates from her reign.

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Lot of German SS Items...

Lot of German SS Items (MM1411)

Price $1,250.00

Lot of German SS belt buckles, arm band sleeve/breast eagles and collar tabs. (Sold as a lot.)

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Spanish Blue Division Medal...

Spanish Blue Division Medal (MM1294)

Price $275.00
Spanish Blue Division Medal. These were given to Spanish soldiers who fought in the German Army on the Russian Front. Medal is all original. Great condition.
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Lot of German WWII Medals...

Lot of German WWII Medals (MM1293)

Price $100.00
Lot of German WWII medals. German Wound Badge – Black, in really good condition. German Tinnie “Day Badge” in good condition. German Assault Badge stick pin.
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