U.S. Pattern 1878 Canteen...

U.S. Pattern 1878 Canteen with sling (MIS1340)

Price $250.00

U.S. Pattern Model 1878 canteen with sling. Outside cover does so staining but the "U.S." is still visible. The original cork is also present. Sling is in over good condition with flaking noted on the surface.

The back has initials with and regimental markings.

U.S. Model 1910 Canteen...

U.S. Model 1910 Canteen Dated 1918 (MM1268)

Price $99.95
U.S. Model 1910 Canteen Dated 1918. WWI era canteen. Canteen and Cup are dated 1918. Canteen has the three-hand scribed inscription “Guaddal Canal” and “Guada” with “1328”. Looks to have early WWII history.
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German WWII Canteen (MM1266)

German WWII Canteen (MM1266)

Price $105.95
German WWII Canteen. Canteen is dated 1941. Wool cover is in good condition. Leather strap is fragile with some cracking. Good looking complete canteen.
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U.S. Civil War Smoothside...

U.S. Civil War Smoothside Canteen (MM1140)

Price $400.00
U.S. Civil War Smoothside Canteen (unknown maker) looks to be a letter “E” that remains on the front. The wool cover is in great shape with minor tears on the front and side chain is missing from the spout. Overall excellent example of a Civil War accouterment.
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Japanese WWII Canteen  (MM296)

Japanese WWII Canteen (MM296)

Price $350.00
Japanese WWII Canteen in brand new unissued condition. Impossible to get a better one.
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War of 1812 Cheesebox...

War of 1812 Cheesebox Canteen (MM262)

Price $1,500.00
War of 1812 Cheesebox Canteen in near perfect condition. Best we have seen. Even has the leather strap loops. (Ex. Flayderman Collection) Note U.S. painted on side with M over the U to make MS for Mass. Also very old Burr paper label.
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