Military Holsters

US WWI Belt and Gear (MM1504)

US WWI Belt and Gear (MM1504)

Price $349.95

Original WWI US belt with gear. 1911 holster is dated 1918 and marked "G&K" and "WJD".  Canteen is very good. First aid pouch has a small kit. Magazine pouch is dated 1918 and marked "P.B. & Co.". Very good overall condition.

German Commercial PPK...

German Commercial PPK Holster (MM1501)

Price $249.95

Commercial holster for a PPK circa 1935. Holster is marked "DRGM AKAH". This style of holster was used by the NSPD, SA and other various organizations. A desirable pre-war holster.

Webley MK VI Holster (MM1405)

Webley MK VI Holster (MM1405)

Price $295.00

British Webley MK VI holster. Leather is very good. Belt flap stitching needs repair. Otherwise very good overall condition.

British Webley WG Holster...

British Webley WG Holster (MM1404)

Price $295.00

Hard to find holster. Leather is in very good condition. Belt hook has been removed, otherwise holster is very good overall.

German P-08/Luger 1940...

German P-08/Luger 1940 Holster (MM1386)

Price $475.00

1940 dated German military Luger holster. Stitching is very good. Maker's mark is faint, and the rest of markings are sharp and clear. Very good overall condition.