Military Holsters

US WWI Belt and Gear (MM1504)

US WWI Belt and Gear (MM1504)

Price $349.95

Original WWI US belt with gear. 1911 holster is dated 1918 and marked "G&K" and "WJD".  Canteen is very good. First aid pouch has a small kit. Magazine pouch is dated 1918 and marked "P.B. & Co.". Very good overall condition.

German Commercial PPK...

German Commercial PPK Holster (MM1501)

Price $249.95

Commercial holster for a PPK circa 1935. Holster is marked "DRGM AKAH". This style of holster was used by the NSPD, SA and other various organizations. A desirable pre-war holster.

German WWII M37 Femaru...

German WWII M37 Femaru Holster (MM1429)

Price $350.00

Fits the Femaru M37 pistols. Holster is very good with all the stitching intact. Inside has faint markings. Tab is dated 1943 and marked "hg". An uncommon holster.

Webley MK VI Holster (MM1405)

Webley MK VI Holster (MM1405)

Price $295.00

British Webley MK VI holster. Leather is very good. Belt flap stitching needs repair. Otherwise very good overall condition.

British Webley WG Holster...

British Webley WG Holster (MM1404)

Price $295.00

Hard to find holster. Leather is in very good condition. Belt hook has been removed, otherwise holster is very good overall.

German P-08/Luger 1940...

German P-08/Luger 1940 Holster (MM1386)

Price $475.00

1940 dated German military Luger holster. Stitching is very good. Maker's mark is faint, and the rest of markings are sharp and clear. Very good overall condition.