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U.S. Luger Holster for The...

U.S. Luger Holster for The 1900 American Eagle...

Price $4,000.00
U.S. Luger Holster for The 1900 American Eagle Test Lugers. This is the scarcest and nearly impossible to find of any U.S. Military holsters! Inspected by E.B. on tongue of holster flap. U.S. cartouched. Reverse is marked “Rock Island Arsenal E.H.S.” (Inspector). You can find a test eagle, you cannot find the test eagle holster. Guaranteed genuine.
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German 1916 dated Luger...

German 1916 dated Luger holster (H1024)

Price $395.00
German 1916 dated Luger holster. With unit markings on the inside. Very good condition. Had some insignia on the front at one time.    
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German Issue French Unique...

German Issue French Unique holster (H1034)

Price $98.50
German Issue French Unique holster. WWII era German issue for the French Unique. Holster is W.a.A D20 proofed and shows some age cracking.
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German Walther PP holster...

German Walther PP holster (H1033)

Price $129.95
German Walther PP holster. WWII era made by Akah. The upstrap has been modified. Very good condition.
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German Multiple Models...

German Multiple Models Holster (H1035)

Price $159.95
German Multiple Models holster. 1930s era production holster that will fit several pistols: 1914, 1934, Mauser, and others. Very unusual that it has a shoulder strap. Very good condition.
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German P38 holster (H1029)

German P38 holster (H1029)

Price $439.95
German P38 holster. 1941 production. Has the leaf marking of Albrecht Kind. Very good condition.
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