Post-War/Modern Pistols & Revolvers

Ruger Wild West Wolverine...

Ruger Wild West Wolverine .45LC/454 Casull...

Price $2,500.00

Customized by Wild West guns in Alaska. Has been milled for weight reduction, action and trigger tuned, barrel ported and cylinder altered for moon clips to use Rimless .45 Ammo (.45 ACP, .45 Win Mag ) An Awesome Alaskan survival gun.

Ed Brown Fueled F2 9MM...

Ed Brown Fueled F2 9MM (PR52903)

Price $1,995.00

Top of the line custom M&P done by Ed Brown. F2 package with "Spectrum" colored threaded barrel. Slide has weight reduction cuts and optic ready. Sights are raised and front is a night sight and rear is a blacked out. Upgrade trigger with great reset. Excellent condition with bag and extra...

Beretta 81BB 32 ACP (PR52906)

Beretta 81BB 32 ACP (PR52906)

Price $750.00

Italian issued pistol. Left side of frame is marked C.F.S. next to an eagle. 1980's vintage with polished blue finish. Excellent condition overall.

Salient Arms Blu-C 9MM...

Salient Arms Blu-C 9MM (PR52910)

Price $1,495.00

Custom competition style pistol with outstanding trigger, grip stippling, slide cuts and Salient Arms match grade 4" barrel. Very good overall condition.

Walther P88 Compact 9mm...

Walther P88 Compact 9mm (PR46757)

Price $2,295.00

Walther P88 Compact 9mm caliber pistol. Rare German made Compact model. Excellent condition with box and peppers.

Ruger Super Black Hawk 44...

Ruger Super Black Hawk 44 Magnum (PR52901)

Price $750.00

Old three screw model, without transfer bar safety. Barrel is 7.5". Metal has been refinished and looks good. Revolver has some light holster wear. Good overall condition.

Danger Close Combat TS43X...

Danger Close Combat TS43X 9mm (PR52827)

Price $2,250.00

Talon Sei and Danger Close Combat collaboration premium carry pistol. Slide has weight reduction cuts and a Swamp Fox red dot. Small parts and trigger are upgraded. Grip is finely stippled. Comes with an extra Agency Arms threaded and fluted barrel and three extra magazines. Excellent condition.

Ruger NM Super Black Hawk...

Ruger NM Super Black Hawk 44 Magnum (PR52886)

Price $595.00

Single action revolver with 7.5" barrel, blued finish with ejector rod housing and frame a bronze color, jeweled hammer and carved grips with a floral motif. Good condition with holster wear.

Sig Sauer P230 380 ACP...

Sig Sauer P230 380 ACP (PR52883)

Price $795.00

West German made carry pistol with blued finish. Has some holster wear, otherwise very good overall condition.

Para Ordnance 14 .45 ACP...

Para Ordnance 14 .45 ACP (PR52871)

Price $1,450.00

Double stacked 5" high capacity model. Slide flats are polished bight. Frame and small parts are matte stainless. Top of slide and slide serrations are black. Adjustable rear sight. Very good overall condition.

FNP-45 Tactical .45 ACP...

FNP-45 Tactical .45 ACP (PR53296)

Price $1,350.00

Full size double stack chambered in .45 ACP with 15 round capacity. Has threaded barrel, red dot, suppressor height sights, DA/SA trigger, and safety/decocker. Excellendt condition with bag and spare magazines.

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