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STI Edge .40 S&W (PR52079)

STI Edge .40 S&W (PR52079)

Price $1,795.00

Limited Major Division competition pistol. Comes with magwell and Taran Tactical basepad. Overall condition is very good. Comes with spare magazine, small parts, and box.

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Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm...

Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm (PR52000)

Price $1,999.95

Elite model SAO with stainless finish and dark red grips. All original from the factory. Finish and bored are excellent. Comes with original box. Overall Excellent condition.

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Dan Wesson Guardian .38...

Dan Wesson Guardian .38 Super (PR52070)

Price $1,495.00

Lightweight 4.25" commander with Bobtail grip frame, in popular .38 Super caliber. Excellent condition with box and extra mag.

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Walther PPK/S .380 ACP...

Walther PPK/S .380 ACP (PR52061)

Price $895.00

Stainless steel Interarms model. Has an NRA marking on the slide. Very good condition with box and extra mag.

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Ruger SR1911 .45 Auto...

Ruger SR1911 .45 Auto (PR49998)

Price $695.00
Ruger SR1911 .45 Auto caliber pistol. 5” 1911 with matte stainless finish. Excellent condition with box and magazine.
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Glock 17 Salient Custom Gen...

Glock 17 Salient Custom Gen 4 9mm (PR43037)

Price $1,995.00

Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm caliber pistol. Salient Arms Custom tier 1 Glock 17 with slide cuts, threaded barrel, grip stippling, and upgraded trigger. Excellent condition with box and mags.  

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Springfield Omega 10mm...

Springfield Omega 10mm (PR35893)

Price $1,950.00

Springfield Omega 10mm caliber pistol. Rare 6” omega target model. The omega was a competition grade pistol made with a slide and barrel by Peters Stahl of Germany. Excellent condition with box, extra mag, and tools.  

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Sig Sauer P226 .40 S&W...

Sig Sauer P226 .40 S&W (PR38850)

Price $729.95

Sig Sauer P226 .40 S&W caliber pistol. Full size model with Hogue grips and extended magazine. Has extra magazine and original grips, with box.  

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Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum...

Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum (PR52045)

Price $699.95

7.5" Stainless model. Has the cuts in the rib for scope rings but scope rings are NOT included. Very good condition overall.

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Beretta 85FS Cheetah .380...

Beretta 85FS Cheetah .380 ACP (PR52003)

Price $1,250.00

Desirable nickel satin finish in excellent condition. Bore is good with minor knicks on the grips. Comes with original box and spare magazine. Overall very good condition.

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Walther PPK/S .380 ACP...

Walther PPK/S .380 ACP (PR51038)

Price $995.00

Stainless steel pocket pistol made by S&W. Has been tuned and customized by renowned pistolsmith Teddy Jacobson. The trigger and hammer have been jeweled, the action tuned, and Teddy's "T" in a shield marking is on the slide. Comes with box and extra mag, excellent condition.

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B&T APC308 .308 Win...

B&T APC308 .308 Win (PR52007) New

Price $3,799.95

B&T, APC308, Semi-automatic Pistol, 308 Win, 14.3" Barrel, Steel Frame, Black Finish, 20Rd, 1 Magazine. New with hard case.

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Ruger P90 .45 ACP (PR52015)

Ruger P90 .45 ACP (PR52015)

Price $550.00

Stainless .45 auto, 1990's vintage. Excellent condition with box and extra magazine.

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Dan Wesson Valor .45 ACP...

Dan Wesson Valor .45 ACP (PR49634)

Price $1,699.95

Dan Wesson Valor .45 ACP caliber pistol. 5” All steel limited production gun. Excellent condition with box and magazine.  

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