.22 Handguns

Ruger Single-Six .22 (PR28590)

Ruger Single-Six .22 (PR28590)

Price $549.95
Ruger Single-Six .22 caliber revolver. Three screw old model with 5½” barrel in excellent condition.
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Ruger Mark I Customized .22...

Ruger Mark I Customized .22 LR (PR50969)

Price $650.00

7" blue model customized with a Simmons vent rib, thumbrest grips and a Ruger original compensator. The compensator is marked Sturm, Ruger & Co. on the underside. The gun is in excellent condition with 99% blue finish. Bore and action are excellent. A great set up for target shooting.

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Hammerli Olympia .22 Short...

Hammerli Olympia .22 Short (PR50961)

Price $1,995.00

Swiss made rapid-fire competition target pistol. Excellent condition with box, papers, tools and extra magazine.

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High Standard Olympic .22...

High Standard Olympic .22 Short (PR50926)

Price $995.00

2nd model Olympic. 6 3/4" barrel. Bore is excellent. Met has some minor wear and approximately 95% of it's original finish. Very good overall condition. A scare model.

Smith & Wesson 53 .22 Jet...

Smith & Wesson 53 .22 Jet (PR50929)

Price $1,850.00

Desirable 4 screw model with 6" barrel and blued finish. Metal has some light holster wear. Bore is excellent. Cylinder has inserts. Very good overall condition. A popular 1960's vintage revolver.

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Star F .22 LR (PR50900)

Star F .22 LR (PR50900)

Price $799.95

Star F .22 LR caliber pistol. Very desirable .22 Auto. Excellent condition with box and extra magazine.


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Ruger MKI .22 LR (PR50885)

Ruger MKI .22 LR (PR50885)

Price $399.95

Ruger MKI .22 LR caliber pistol. 6 7/8” Blue target model. Has custom wood grips. Excellent condition.


Ruger Bearcat .22 LR...

Ruger Bearcat .22 LR (PR50829)

Price $475.00

Ruger Bearcat .22 LR caliber revolver. Original old model made in 1965. Has imitation ivory grips, very good condition with a bit of wear.


Harrington & Richardson...

Harrington & Richardson Hunter .22LR (PR50629)

Price $795.00

Harrington & Richardson Hunter .22LR caliber revolver. 9-Shot revolver with rare 10” barrel manufactured in the 1930’s. Bore is excellent. Good Very good overall condition.