Post-War Smith & Wesson Revolvers

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Smith & Wesson 686-4 "Lew...

Smith & Wesson 686-4 "Lew Horton" Limited...

Price $1,295.00

1990's vintage Lew Horton Limited Edition 7-shot snub. The barrel is Mag-na-ported and the gun has Eagle wooden grips. All factory done in a special configuration, without MIM parts or internal lock. Excellent condition with box.

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Smith & Wesson 19-3 .357...

Smith & Wesson 19-3 .357 Magnum (PR53053)

Price $1,500.00

2.5" Snub with pinned barrel and recessed cylinder, 1970's vintage. Has beautiful genuine stag grips. Excellent condition with box, papers and tools.

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Smith & Wesson 28-2 .357...

Smith & Wesson 28-2 .357 Magnum (PR53036)

Price $799.95

6" Highway Patrolman revolver with pinned barrel and recessed cylinder. Has a black coating which shows wear. Action and bore are excellent.

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Smith & Wesson 340PD 357MAG...

Smith & Wesson 340PD 357MAG (PR53268)

Price $1,099.95

Lightweight snub model with scandium frame and titanium cylinder. Comes with green fiber optic front sight and box. Excellent condition.

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Smith & Wesson 627-5 .357...

Smith & Wesson 627-5 .357 Magnum (PR53179)

Price $1,295.00

Performance Center model with 5 inch barrel and 8 shot capacity. Rubber grips and gold bead sight. very good condition with tuned action.

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Smith & Wesson Chiefs...

Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special .38 Special...

Price $950.00

3" nickel pre-model 36 Chiefs Special with square butt grip. 1950's vintage, in very good condition. Has a neat set of old stag grips. A scarce variation.

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