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Pietta LeMat Revolver (AH6563)

Pietta LeMat Revolver (AH6563)

Price $995.00

Italian made replica LeMat revolver. Excellent condition. The favored gun of Confederate generals.

U.S. Fire Arms Single...

U.S. Fire Arms Single Action Army .45 Long Colt...

Price $2,350.00

4" Storekeeper model with out ejector. Appears to be in the white, or could be stainless steel with fire blued small parts. Excellent overall condition. Comes with a box that is numbered to another gun.

Uberti Judge Roy Bean.45 LC...

Uberti Judge Roy Bean.45 LC (PR47226)

Price $3,000.00

Uberti Judge Roy Bean.45 LC Caliber Revolver. Limited edition Judge Roy Bean single action. Silver plated with full coverage engraving and carved steer head pearl grips. In excellent condition.

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