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Uberti El Patron .45 Colt...

Uberti El Patron .45 Colt (PR57422)

Price $599.95

Six shot cylinder with 4 ¾” barrel, blued and case color finish, and checkered grips. Excellent condition with box.

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Pietta 1873 Gen II .45LC...

Pietta 1873 Gen II .45LC (PR56710)

Price $495.00

Modern production single-action revolver with 4.75" barrel, brass frame and smooth action job. Overall excellent condition.

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Ruger Vaquero .45LC (PR56393)

Ruger Vaquero .45LC (PR56393)

Price $695.00

Stainless steel sixgun with 4 5/8" barrel and wood grips. Excellent condition with box.

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Ruger Single Six .22LR...

Ruger Single Six .22LR (PR56689)

Price $595.00

Single-action revolver with 5.5" barrel. has been upgraded with the transfer bar safety. Has 95% of its original blue. The grips are in good condition. Overall very good condition.

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Uberti Schofield .45LC...

Uberti Schofield .45LC (PR56362)

Price $895.00

5.5" blue top break cowboy revolver. Has one small mark on the barrel, otherwise excellent condition with box.

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Cimarron Lightning .38...

Cimarron Lightning .38 Special (PR56024)

Price $995.00

Beautiful small frame sixgun with 3.5" barrel, nickel finish and birdshead grip frame with faux ivory grips. A great looking gun in excellent condition.

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