Cowboy Action Shooting & Replicas

Uberti 1875 Army Outlaw...

Uberti 1875 Army Outlaw .45LC (PR63074)

Price $599.95

SN: 20109. Modern production, .45 long Colt with a 7.5" barrel. Single action modern production Remington 1875 with vivid case colored receiver. Overall excellent condition.

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Consecutive Pair of Ruger...

Consecutive Pair of Ruger SASS New Vaquero...

Price $1,495.00

SN:SASS53441 & SASS53442. Made in 2013, .45 Long Colt with 5.5" barrels. Matched pair of stainless steel Vaquero revolvers made for SASS cowboy shooting. The grips have SASS medallions. Excellent condition with box.

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Ruger Old Army .457 Caliber...

Ruger Old Army .457 Caliber (PR62273)

Price $895.00

1981 vintage 7.5" cap & ball black powder revolver with a 6-shot cylinder, target sights & a tall hammer. In excellent condition.

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Uberti/ Great Western Arms...

Uberti/ Great Western Arms .45 LC (PR62277)

Price $699.95

SN: 50829. Modern Production single action revolver with 4.75" barrel and chambered for .45 Long Colt. The bore is excellent, the frames case colors are vivid, and the grips are excellent. Overall excellent condition.

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Uberti El Patron .45 LC...

Uberti El Patron .45 LC (PR61810)

Price $619.95

SN:UR2804. Single action case color hardened 5.5" pistol with a set of finely checkered grips & a blued cylinder & barrel. In excellent condition. Comes in a box.

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Hawes Texas Marshal .44...

Hawes Texas Marshal .44 Magnum (PR62083)

Price $695.00

SN: 22807/4. W. German single action revolver made by JP Sauer for Hawes. Has a 6" barrel and nickel finish. Excellent condition.

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Taylor & Company Outlaw...

Taylor & Company Outlaw Legacy .357 Magnum...

Price $809.95

Beautifully engraved, nickel plated 5.5" single action revolver with the slogan "God-Guns-Freedom" on the firearm with white faux ivory grips. NEW. UPC:810012510486.

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