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Uberti Single Action .22 LR...

Uberti Single Action .22 LR caliber revolver....

Price $1,495.00
Colt/Uberti Single Action .22 LR caliber revolver. Rare prototype .22 Single Action made for Colt. The barrel is marked "made for Colt Firearms Hartford, CT". The hammer has a very unusual 2-piece design with a built in safety to keep it from accidently firing when lowered manually. A neat and unusual gun for the advanced Colt customer.  
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Ruger New Vaquero .45 LC...

Ruger New Vaquero .45 LC caliber revolver pair....

Price $1,395.95
Ruger New Vaquero .45 LC caliber revolver pair. New Vaquero .45 LC caliber matched consecutive pair of S.A.S.S. Special Edition 5 1/2" Vaquero stainless revolvers cased together. New.
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Uberti Holy Smoker .45 LC...

Uberti Holy Smoker .45 LC (nPR17756)

Price $789.95
Uberti Holy Smoker .45 LC caliber revolver. Based on the gun used in "3:10 to Yuma". This gun will turn heads at any cowboy action shoot. New  
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Uberti Cimarron Evil Roy...

Uberti Cimarron Evil Roy .357 Mag caliber...

Price $669.95
Uberti Cimarron Evil Roy .357 Mag caliber revolver. Power in a 5 1/2" barrel. Super slick action job and fancy checkered grips makes this case colored Smoke Wagon a gunslingers favorite. New.
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Ruger Vaquero (PR15999)

Ruger Vaquero (PR15999)

Price $609.95
caliber revolver. Ruger New Sheriff model Vaquero in the ever popular .44 special. 3 3/4" barrel all blue frame instant classic.    
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Uberti Lightning .38...

Uberti Lightning .38 Special caliber revolver....

Price $499.95
Uberti Lightning .38 Special caliber revolver. Uberti Lightning in .385 Special 4 3/4" barrel with case colored frame and Birds Head grip. A great gun at the great price. New.
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