Foreign Military Pistols & Revolvers

Walther P1 9mm (PR61217)

Walther P1 9mm (PR61217)

Price $750.00

SN: 099053. W. German service pistol dated 1979. Excellent condition with holster.

Erfurt 1916 Luger 9mm...

Erfurt 1916 Luger 9mm (PR61186)

Price $3,250.00

SN: C6366. WWI German military luger made in 1916. All serials are matching. The bore is near excellent with minimal frosting. The finish has a light but even brown-blue patina. Overall a very good example and comes with correct leather holster. The holster is very good with a leather strap that need repair and a German soldiers name "Eisenhofer" inscribed in the cover.

Nagoya Type 14 1st Series...

Nagoya Type 14 1st Series 8mm Nambu (PR61118)

Price $895.00

Serial No. 70688, 4.5" round barrel chambered in 8mm Nambu, manufactured April 1943. Metal is a grey patina, magazine is not numbered. Grips are intact with no crack but not matching. Bore is bright with strong rifling. Action functions correctly. 

Walther P38 SVW45 "Gray...

Walther P38 SVW45 "Gray Ghost" 9mm (PR61139)

Price $1,650.00

SN: 9298g. Post-war French made service pistol, made during the French occupation of Germany. Has the distinctive metal grips, which were originally grey but have turned a plum color. These guns were imported by Interarms, and this one is in excellent condition with the matching number box.

Walther P-38 AC 42 9mm...

Walther P-38 AC 42 9mm (PR56316)

Price $1,495.00

Serial number 7362. Made in 1942. 9mm with a  5” barrel. This gun has approximately 70% of the original toning finish mixed with a dark gray patina. Grips are very good and have been filled with a white substance.

Nagoya Toriimatsu Type 14...

Nagoya Toriimatsu Type 14 Japanese pistol 8mm...

Price $1,249.95

Serial No. 60601 chambered in 8mm Nambu, 4.5" round barrel manufacutred October 1944. Pistol is all matching including magazine and grips. Bore is good with strong rifling noted. Action functions correctly. Overall very good condition. 

DGFM 1927 Argentine Navy...

DGFM 1927 Argentine Navy .45 ACP (PR61096)

Price $1,395.00

SN: 98508. Argentine made .45 auto service pistol, marked "Republica Argentina Marina De Guerra" for the Argentine Navy. Bore is excellent. Very good condition with light wear, mostly on the grip frame.

JP Sauer 38H 7.65MM (PR61113)

JP Sauer 38H 7.65MM (PR61113)

Price $995.00

Serial No. 435171, 3.5" barrel chambered in 7.65mm, gun is late war and is in overall good condition, bore is bright with strong rifling. Waffentampts are visible throughout.

Mauser BYF P-38 9mm (PR56312)

Mauser BYF P-38 9mm (PR56312)

Price $1,895.00

Serial number 7552F. Made in 1943. 9mm with a 5” barrel. Very fine BYF variant with 85% of the original blue finish. Grips are excellent.

Dutch Contract Bergman...

Dutch Contract Bergman 1910/21 Rustkammer...

Price $3,995.00

Serial number 6522. Made circa 1924. This gun is in 9mm Largo caliber with a 4” barrel. Gun is in excellent original condition with 95% of the original blue finish. This gun has the original Trolit Plastic grips.

CYQ Spreewerke P.38 9mm...

CYQ Spreewerke P.38 9mm (PR59635)

Price $1,695.00

SN: 253v. WWII German military pistol. Very good condition with some marks on the slide. Bore is excellent.

German WWII P38 by Mauser...

German WWII P38 by Mauser (BYF Code) 9MM (PR61074)

Price $1,850.00

SN:2402O. Manufactured in 1944. Serial numbers are matching. Bore is good with strong rifling and some minor frosting. Magazine is marked "P.38". Very good overall condition.

Russian Tokarev 7.62X25...

Russian Tokarev 7.62X25 (PR61075)

Price $2,450.00

SN:2113. Desirable Russian WWII pistol. 1936 dated. Magazine is correct, but not numbered to frame. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Metal has a grey patina. Very good overall condition.

German WWII P38 by...

German WWII P38 by Spreewerk (CYQ Code) 9MM...

Price $1,495.00

SN:9042L. Serial numbers are matching. Bore is excellent. Magazine is marked "P.38v" above floor plate and is marked "WaA135" on spine. Very good overall condition.

East German Rework Mauser...

East German Rework Mauser Luger 9mm (PR60802)

Price $1,795.00

SN: 1951. WWII German military pistol originally made by Mauser and later reworked by East Germany. The serial are non-matching. The bore is good. The East German "Bullseye" grips are in excellent condition. The magazine has matching serials. Overall very good condition.

British Inspected Colt 1911...

British Inspected Colt 1911 .455 Webley (C18080)

Price $7,500.00

Serial number W68644. Made in 1916. 455 Webley caliber with a 5” barrel. Very fine gun with 75% of the original finish remains. The magazine is for a .45 ACP, not.455.

Slotted P35 Radom Nazi...

Slotted P35 Radom Nazi Marked (PR56309)

Price $3,995.00

Serial number E3594. 9mm with a 4 ½” barrel. Gun is in excellent condition with 97% + blue on the frame. Grips are excellent. This is a slotted model with the Nazi proofs. 

Commercial Mauser 1896...

Commercial Mauser 1896 Large Ring Flat Side...

Price $3,995.00

Serial number 22937. Made in 1900. 7.63 Mauser caliber with a 5 ½” barrel. Very good condition with 90% of the original finish. These are scarce guns made between 1899 and 1900.

Webley No 2 MK I Parker...

Webley No 2 MK I Parker Hale .22 LR Conversion...

Price $1,995.00

SN:E2080. Royal Air Force marked service revolver with Parker-Hale .22 LR conversion. Right side of frame is dated to the 1930's and is also marked "R.A.F". Bore is excellent. Very good overall condition. An uncommon .22 conversion.