Foreign Military Pistols & Revolvers

FN Hi-Power WWII German...

FN Hi-Power WWII German Issue 9MM (PR52135)

Price $1,395.00

Tangent sight model with WWII German Waffenamts. Pistol has been parkerized post war. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Grips have carry wear, no chips or cracks. Good overall condition.

Spanish Orbea Pattern Model...

Spanish Orbea Pattern Model 1915 Revolver...

Price $1,250.00

Spanish Orbea pattern model 1915 revolver. In the beginning of World War 1 England had a shortage of of side arms. The British military made contracts with any country that could supply them. Spain offered to supply30,000 pistols in .455 caliber. There were three companies under the parent company of Orbea Hermanos y...

CZ 52 7.62X25 (PR50985)

CZ 52 7.62X25 (PR50985)

Price $429.95

Czech Cold War era military pistol. Bore is excellent. Frame is dated 1953 and has an import mark on bottom. Very good overall condition.

D.G.F.M 1927 Air Force...

D.G.F.M 1927 Air Force Marked .45 ACP (PR50977)

Price $1,450.00

Scarce Argentine Air Force marked 1911. Right side of slide is marked "Aeronautica Argentina". Bore is excellent. Metal has a parkarized finish. Good overall condition. Hard to find!

Kongsberg 1914 .45 ACP...

Kongsberg 1914 .45 ACP (PR50924)

Price $3,495.00

Norwegian military pistol made in 1945. Serial numbers are matching including the barrel. Bore is excellent. Grips have a minor crack on each side by the bottom screw. Pistol has some holster wear, otherwise good to very good overall condition. A popular military pistol.

Webley Mark VI .45 ACP...

Webley Mark VI .45 ACP (PR50899)

Price $1,650.00

Webley Mark VI .45 ACP caliber revolver. Near excellent Mark VI. Barrel length is 6”. Bore is perfect and mirror bright. Revolver has approximately 90-93% original blue. Action works perfectly. Grips are excellent, no chips or cracks. Note: This is a .455 caliber altered when imported to the USA as were many others. The rear face of the cylinder was milled off to allow the rechambering to...

IZHEVSK IZH-70 .380 ACP...

IZHEVSK IZH-70 .380 ACP (PR49996)

Price $699.95

IZHEVSK IZH-70 .380 ACP caliber pistol. Popular Russian Makarov in excellent condition with box and magazine.  

Albion No2 MKI 38 S&W...

Albion No2 MKI 38 S&W (PR50427)

Price $495.00

Albion No2 MKI 38 S&W revolver. British WWII revolver. Converted to a snubnose. Very good condition.  

Astra 1915 .32 ACP (PR50393)

Astra 1915 .32 ACP (PR50393)

Price $495.00

Astra 1915 .32 ACP caliber pistol. Early Spanish auto made by Astra. Barrel is marked “Hope”. These were issued to France in WWI. Magazine is marked “EU” and comes with holster. Fair overall condition.  

Webley Mark IV .455 Webley...

Webley Mark IV .455 Webley (PR50385)

Price $2,495.00

Webley Mark IV .455 Webley caliber revolver. British service revolver. Cylinder has not been cut. Bore is excellent. Right grip has a chip near the butt. Top strap has a broad arrow. Very good condition with holster.

Astra 600/43 9mm (PR50367)

Astra 600/43 9mm (PR50367)

Price $599.95

Astra 600/43 9mm caliber pistol. Spanish post-war service pistol in very good condition.

Webley Mark V .455 Webley...

Webley Mark V .455 Webley (PR50381)

Price $1,795.00
Webley Mark V .455 Webley caliber revolver. British service revolver. Cylinder has not been cut and is matching. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Grips have some wear. Action works perfectly. Very good overall condition Mark V.  
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FN 1922 .32 ACP (PR50326)

FN 1922 .32 ACP (PR50326)

Price $695.00

FN 1922 .32 ACP caliber pistol. WWII Nazi issue. Frame and slide are Waffenamt marked. Bore is mint. Metal has approximately 70% blue with patina. Good overall condition.  

CZ 27 7.65 (PR49720)

CZ 27 7.65 (PR49720)

Price $679.95

CZ 27 7.65 caliber pistol. WWII German military issue pistol. Late war production with phosphate finish. Very good overall condition.

Rare Soldier Identified...

Rare Soldier Identified Webley-Fosberry .455...

Price $17,500.00

Rare Soldier Identified Webley-Fosberry .455 caliber Revolver. 6” Barrel in .455 Webley. This gun is identified to Captain Thomas Filgate of the Royal Munster Fusiliers. He was an officer during WWI and was killed in action on September 29, 1915. This gun was issued to him and a copy of the company records are included in the paperwork with this gun. The gun is...