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WWII Walther PP .32 Auto...

WWII Walther PP .32 Auto (PR61239)

Price $1,950.00

SN: 286432P. WWII military pistol with eagle/N proofs and waffen amts. Bore is excellent, overall very good condition.

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Star Super 9mm Largo (PR61218)

Star Super 9mm Largo (PR61218)

Price $450.00

SN: 21190. Spanish military service pistol. Bore is excellent. Shows typical wear, overall good condition with holster and extra mag.

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E. German Makarov 9x18...

E. German Makarov 9x18 Makarov (PR61163)

Price $899.95

SN: AR2793. Desirable East German service pistol made circa 1961. The bore is excellent and the actions work properly. Overall very good plus condition with some wear on the grips.

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Walther P38 Post-War 9mm...

Walther P38 Post-War 9mm (PR61219)

Price $850.00

SN: 113876W. W. German military service pistol dated 1962. Excellent condition with holster and extra mag.

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Romanian TTC Tokarev...

Romanian TTC Tokarev 7.62x25 (PR61114)

Price $549.95

Serial No. DA1416, chambered in 7.62x25 manufactured in 1953 Romanian service pistol in overall good condition. Pistol is import marked, comes with extra magazine and holster.

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Canadian Inglis Mk I...

Canadian Inglis Mk I Browning High Power 9mm...

Price $1,495.00

Serial No. 6T7954, chambered in 9mm, 4.7" round barrel manufactured in 1945. Overall good condition with original parkerized finish, bore is good with strong rifling noted. Slide is marked MK 1 */ Browning -F.N. H.P. Inglis Canada.

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Mauser P-38 9mm Belonged To...

Mauser P-38 9mm Belonged To General Charles...

Price $1,895.00

Serial number 6702B. Made in 1943, 9mm with a 5” barrel. Excellent condition with 97% of the original blued finish. The right hand side of the frame is inscribed “Brig. Gen. Charles Baron/ U. S. Army 0383316” This gun comes with a laminated certificate of service card for General Charles Baron. General Baron was a larger than life character who lived in Las Vegas, had...

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Nagoya Type 14 2nd Series...

Nagoya Type 14 2nd Series 8mm Nambu (PR61117)

Price $1,095.00

Serial No. 16868, 4.5" round barrel chambered in 8mm Nambu, manufactured in Febuary 1944. Overall good condition. All matching except for magazine, Bore is bright and shiny and action functions correctly.

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Russian 1895 Nagant...

Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver 7.62X38R (PR61071)

Price $1,095.00

Very desirable non-import marked 1895 Nagant revolver. Frame is dated 1944. Action works properly. Bore is excellent. Comes with holster. Very good overall condition.

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Kokura Arsenal Type 14 8MM...

Kokura Arsenal Type 14 8MM Nambu (PR61078)

Price $1,095.00

SN:11712. Manufactured in 1930. Serial numbers are matching, except for the correct magazine. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Metal has approximately 97% original blue. Very good overall condition.

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Smith & Wesson Victory .38...

Smith & Wesson Victory .38 S&W (PR60853)

Price $495.00

SN: V581506. WWII service revolver with a 5" barrel, in .38 S&W caliber. The bore and action are very good. The gun shows wear, overall good condition.

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Webley Mark VI .455 Webley...

Webley Mark VI .455 Webley (PR60828)

Price $1,650.00

SN:290533. British WWI service revolver manufactured in 1917. Cylinder is uncut and in original .455 caliber. Serial numbers are matching. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Action works properly. Metal has a brown patina. Good overall condition.

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Webley & Scott Mark IV .38...

Webley & Scott Mark IV .38 S&W (PR60827)

Price $795.00

British WWII service revolver. Bore is excellent. Action works properly. Very good overall condition. Serial numbers are matching.

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