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T/C Contender .35 Rem...

T/C Contender .35 Rem (PR58724)

Price $895.00

Single shot pistol with custom 12" barrel with custom muzzle brake. Has a Redfield 2x-6x scope. A great set up, in excellent condition.

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T/C Encore .223 Rem (PR58737)

T/C Encore .223 Rem (PR58737)

Price $850.00

Stainless steel single shot pistol with 15" barrel. Has a Leupold 2.5x8 scope. Excellent condition.

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Nighthawk/Korth NXS .357...

Nighthawk/Korth NXS .357 MAG (NGZ1725) NEW

Price $5,850.00

8 shot NXS model with a 6" hammer forged barrel with compensator. This revolver comes with a Jim Wilson grip, SA/DA trigger, vented barrel housing, integrated picatinny rail in the frame, a fully adjustable rear sight, a hard case and, two speed loaders. NEW. UPC:806802760469.

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T/C Contender .357 Rem Max...

T/C Contender .357 Rem Max (PR57698)

Price $895.00

Super 14" single shot rifle in unusual .357 Maximum caliber. Also shoots .357 Magnum and .38 Special. Has a Leupold 2X scope and Pachmayr rubber stock set. Excellent condition.

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Webley Single Shot Target...

Webley Single Shot Target Pistol (PR55039)

Price $1,795.00

Serial number 69402. 22 LR with a 8 ½” barrel. This gun is in very fine condition with 75% of the original blue. Grips are excellent. This gun is slotted on the butt for a stock. Very scarce gun!

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Remington XP-100 7mm BR...

Remington XP-100 7mm BR (PR54043)

Price $1,695.00

Bolt action single shot pistol with a 15" barrel, in desirable 7mm BR caliber. Has a Burris 5X scope. Excellent condition with original bag.

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Smith & Wesson 3rd Model...

Smith & Wesson 3rd Model Perfected .22LR (PR56262)

Price $1,750.00

Single-shot target pistol with 8" barrel. These pistols were manufactured from 1909 to 1923. These were also referred to as the "Olympic model single-shot." The grips are the extension type with checkered wood. The bore is excellent. The pistol has 98% of its original factory blue. This pistol can be fired from both the single and double action. A beautiful Smith & Wesson Target pistol...

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Sig Sauer P320 XFIVE 9mm...

Sig Sauer P320 XFIVE 9mm (PR53826)

Price $1,250.00

Full size competition pistol with flat trigger, mag well, fiber optic target adjustable sights, optic cut, and 4 21rd mags. Comes with box. Excellent condition.

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Heckler & Koch VP9 Match...

Heckler & Koch VP9 Match 9MM (NGZ878) NEW

Price $1,050.00

Match model with 5.5" barrel. Comes optic ready, photo luminous sights and has ambidextrous paddle magazine release. This beauty comes with four 20 round magazines. NEW UPC:642230262997

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Volquartsen LLV Mini Black...

Volquartsen LLV Mini Black Mamba 22LR (NGZ850) NEW

Price $1,595.00

Lightweight high-quality competition target pistol with a black anodized finish. 3" threaded barrel, anodized DLC bolt, adjustable target sights, fiber optic front sight, picatinny rail and Hogue grips. NEW. UPC: 810162018573

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Sig Sauer P320 M18 9mm...

Sig Sauer P320 M18 9mm (PR53929)

Price $1,295.00

M18 slide and fire control unit placed into the FDE full size X-series grip with magwell. Comes with a Parker Mountain Machine compensator and a Leupold Delta Point Pro. Comes with one 21 round magazine. Excellent condition.

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Thompson Center Contender...

Thompson Center Contender 44Mag/223 Rem. (R29810)

Price $749.95

Single shot pistol/rifle conversion. Comes with a 14" 44 Magnum barrel and 16" blued .223 Rem. barrel. Nikon FX4 2X scope and stock. Excellent condition with carry bag.

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STI Executive 45acp (PR53947)

STI Executive 45acp (PR53947)

Price $2,895.00

All stainless target model with adjustable rear sights and tritium front sight. Comes with a stainless magwell and extended mag release and a total of 5 magazines in the box. Excellent condition.

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