CZ Shadow 2 9mm (PR53318)

CZ Shadow 2 9mm (PR53318)

Price $1,749.95

Optic ready competition model with red fiber optic front sight. Comes with box and magazine and is in excellent condition.

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Thompson Center Contender...

Thompson Center Contender .223 (PR52895)

Price $650.00

Single shot break open pistol with Redfield 2.5X scope. Barrel has a small area of pitting near muzzle, otherwise very good overall condition.

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Remington XP-100 .223 Rem...

Remington XP-100 .223 Rem (PR52145)

Price $1,195.00

Bolt action single shot pistol with 15" barrel. Popular .223 Rem caliber. Has a Burris 5X pistol scope. A great rig in excellent condition, with pouch.

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Sig Sauer P210 Target 9mm...

Sig Sauer P210 Target 9mm (PR52107)

Price $1,619.95

Single action only, full size, 9mm, 5" barrel, steel frame, walnut grips, 8-round magazine. Very good condition with box.

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MK3 Custom Hi Power .9MM...

MK3 Custom Hi Power .9MM (PR52043)

Price $4,250.00

Outstanding custom Hi Power by MK3 Firearms with extended beavertail, front and back grip stippling, slick action job, Trijicon HD front night sight and blacked out rear sight. Excellent condition. A premium custom job!

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Korth Rosso Sportivo Super...

Korth Rosso Sportivo Super Sport ULX .357...

Price $5,850.00

Special edition premium target revolver. Only 30 made. Ultra light weight model with 6" barrel, adjustable front and rear sight, barrel weights and compensator. New.

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MBA Mark I Model B Gyrojet...

MBA Mark I Model B Gyrojet 13mm (PR50772)

Price $2,295.00

MBA Mark I Model B Gyrojet 13mm caliber pistol. Presentation model Gyrojet pistol. The finish has some age wear. Complete set with case, dummy rounds and certificate.


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Smith & Wesson 52-1 .38 S&W...

Smith & Wesson 52-1 .38 S&W (PR50410)

Price $1,599.95
Smith & Wesson 52-1 .38 S&W caliber pistol. Wadcutter target pistol. Excellent condition with custom grips, box and extra magazine.  
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Remington XP-100 .221...

Remington XP-100 .221 Fireball (PR50398)

Price $1,099.95
Remington XP-100 .221 Fireball caliber pistol. Bolt action pistol with Leupold 2X scope. Excellent condition with original soft case.  
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Thompson Center Encore...

Thompson Center Encore 7mm-08 (PR50257)

Price $699.95
Thompson Center Encore 7mm-08 caliber pistol. 15” Single shot pistol with muzzle brake and Leupold 2.5 X 8 Scope. Excellent condition.  
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Russian TOZ 35-M .22 LR...

Russian TOZ 35-M .22 LR (PR21897)

Price $995.00

Russian TOZ 35-M .22 LR caliber pistol. Top quality Russian free pistol. Beautiful set with case and accessories. World class target pistol.

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Remington Harry Lawson...

Remington Harry Lawson Custom XP-100 .222 Rem...

Price $2,495.00
Remington Harry Lawson Custom XP-100 .222 Rem caliber pistol. Beautiful Harry Lawson Custom XP-100. The stock is made with a dual grip design on a flat platform, out of figured walnut. Has a Leupold 2X scope. An outstanding custom pistol, in excellent condition.  
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Magnum Research Lone Eagle...

Magnum Research Lone Eagle .22-250 Rem...

Price $699.95
Magnum Research Lone Eagle .22-250 Rem caliber pistol. Unusual single shot pistol, with ported barrel. Has a Redfield 2.5X scope.  
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Thompson Contender .223 REM...

Thompson Contender .223 REM (PR49707)

Price $799.95
Thompson Contender .223 REM caliber pistol. 2-Barrel set. Has a super 14” .223 barrel and a 10” .22 Magnum bull barrel. Has a Leupold 2.5X8 scope. Excellent condition with soft case.  
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