Custom & High Performance 1911's

Wilson Combat EDC X9 9mm...

Wilson Combat EDC X9 9mm (NGZ2324) NEW

Price $2,999.95

Premium 4" Barrel compact high-capacity aluminum frame 1911. Crowned and fluted bull barrel. Full length guide-rod. Ambi-safety and Trijicon tritium front sights. G-10 Starburst grips. NEW.

Staccatto 2011 C2 9mm...

Staccatto 2011 C2 9mm (PR59810)

Price $2,100.00

SN: C2211512. Desirable carry model 2011 with 3.9" bull barrel. Has fiber optic front sight. Overall excellent condition. Comes with range bag, 2 extra magazines and a LAS Shogun holster.

STI 2011 Hawk 5.0 9mm...

STI 2011 Hawk 5.0 9mm (PR59823)

Price $2,095.00

SN: TG32000. Premium STI 2011, double stacked 1911 duty pistol with stainless 4.75" bull barrel, Heine rear sight, fiber optic sight, full length guide rod and extended beavertail. Overall very good condition. Comes with five extended magazines.

Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm...

Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm (PR59832)

Price $1,750.00

SN: 2201277. Premium stainless hand fitted full size 1911 with 5" barrel. Overall excellent condition. Comes with box and extra magazine.

Les Baer SRP .45 ACP (PR59174)

Les Baer SRP .45 ACP (PR59174)

Price $3,295.00

SN: LB43115. Top of the line 5" tactical pistol with 1.5" accuracy upgrade and chrome finish. Excellent condition with box and extra mag.

Nighthawk T3 .45 ACP (PR59590)

Nighthawk T3 .45 ACP (PR59590)

Price $3,295.00

SN: NHC06120. Premium grade carry 1911 with 4.25" barrel and compact grip frame. Very good condition with bag and extra mag.

Cosaint Arms COS11 9mm...

Cosaint Arms COS11 9mm (PR59518)

Price $1,895.00

SN: J0130. Premium 1911 with 4" barrel and front serrations, fiber optic front sight. Overall excellent condition. Comes with box and extra magazine.

STI TruBor .38 Super (PR57533)

STI TruBor .38 Super (PR57533)

Price $2,895.00

Open match Competition 2011 with 5" one-piece bull barrel and 5 port 2" comp. Has C-More red dot optic, Ambidextrous safety, flared magwell and slide racker. Overall excellent condition. Comes with range bag and one extra 20rd magazine.

Wilson Combat Tactical...

Wilson Combat Tactical Elite .40 S&W (PR58162)

Price $4,295.00

Premium full size model with 5" barrel. Chambered in Chamfered slide with slide top and forward serrations. skeletonized trigger and hammer, extended beavertail, checkered back and front straps, serrated trigger guard, flared magwell, G10 grips and nitre blue screws. Overall excellent condition. Comes with Wilson bag and 5 extra magazines.

ED Brown Executive Target...

ED Brown Executive Target 9mm (PR57595)

Price $3,150.00

Premium grade government model with skeletonized trigger and hammer, adjustable rear target sights, checkered front and rear straps and wood grips. Overall in very good condition.

Dan Wesson 45ACP (PR53648)

Dan Wesson 45ACP (PR53648)

Price $1,999.95

5" model with custom blue cerakote finish. Comes with Trijicon HD night sights and spare mag in the box. Excellent condition.

Guncrafter BC-17 Hellcat...

Guncrafter BC-17 Hellcat .45 ACP (PR57856)

Price $3,995.00

Premium grade 1911 Commander-sized combat pistol with custom camo finish and Battle Crown bushing. Excellent condition with bag and 4 extra mags.

Dan Wesson Pointman Carry...

Dan Wesson Pointman Carry PM-C 9mm (PR54318)

Price $1,995.00

Commander sized 1911 with two-tone bright stainless and matte stainless finish with fiber optic front sight and U-notch rear with VZ grips. Original box and spare mag included. Excellent condition.

Sig Sauer Clark Custom 1911...

Sig Sauer Clark Custom 1911 .45 ACP (PR56026)

Price $2,495.00

Clark customized 5" 1911 with bobtail grip frame. Has their famous custom work and Meltdown treatment with special 2-tone Cerakote finish. Excellent condition.