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When it comes to pepperbox handguns and derringers for sale, you can’t beat Collectors Firearms. Our extensive inventory includes a wide variety of highly collectable Allen and Thurber perpperboxes, French and English pepperboxes, and single and over/under derringers from Remington and other manufacturers. We update our inventory often, so bookmark our list of new arrivals and check back often.

Scroll through our inventory of pepperbox handguns and derringers for sale below. For other antique handguns, browse or collection of percussion cap pistols, antique cartridge pistols and revolvers, and antique Smith & Wesson revolvers.

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Shadow Box collection of...

Shadow Box collection of Antique Guns (AH6421)

Price $395.00

This is a collection of three antique guns in a Shadow box consisting of an Allen Bar hammer singler shot, a Sharps Pepperbox Derringer and unmarked single Shot Derringer. Not all of these guns are functional.

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Remington Elliot Derringer...

Remington Elliot Derringer .22 Cal (AH6232)

Price $399.95

5-shot ring trigger pepperbox. The bores are good to very good with very good rifling and very light corrosion in the grooves. The rotating firing pin works properly. The barrel address is legible. The finish on the metal has an even gray patina. the rosewood grips are very good with original varnish. Overall very good example.

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Keno Derringer .22 (AH3388)

Keno Derringer .22 (AH3388)

Price $795.00
Keno Derringer .22 caliber by Hyde and Shattock of Springfield Mass. Circa 1870. Fine condition.
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Extremely Rare Derringer...

Extremely Rare Derringer Agent Marked W. H....

Price $4,250.00
Extremely Rare Derringer Agent Marked W. H. Calhoun. Very rare gun estimated at 12-15 known W. H. Calhoun was a retailer in Nashville, TN. This barrel is 3 ½” long and overall length is 8”. Gun is in .44 caliber. Engraving is nice and sharp. Ramrod is almost an undetectable replacement. Escutcheon plate has the name of “J. B. Hyde” nicely engraved. Very nice Southern marked derringer from more...
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Southern Percussion...

Southern Percussion Deringer .50 Cal (AH6824)

Price $4,950.00

Deringer with 2.25" barrel marked "Manu for E.H. Clark & Co Memphis Tenn. Agents". The breech plug and side plate are marked but are only partially legible. Silver is engraved on back of the stock wedge escutcheons, trigger guard, finial and accents around the handle curvature. Has a half cock safety and holds full cock. This is a rare Southern Dealer marked Deringer!

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Rare Southern Derringer .50...

Rare Southern Derringer .50 Cal (AH6247)

Price $2,500.00

Percussion Henry Deringer type pistol with 3" . The top of the barrel is marked "C. Sutler Selma ALA." The trigger guard finial a pineapple with three point spear head atop a base of three leaves. Flayderman's guide depicts seven Finial types on page 408, this model closely resembles No.5. The action works perfectly. The trigger guard, finial, nosecap and buttcap are all silver. This rare...

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Connecticut Arms Co....

Connecticut Arms Co. Hammond Bulldog...

Price $1,075.00

American made single-shot pistol that were manufactured from 1863-1890. The bore is excellent, bright with strong rifling. The metal has completely turned a brown patina. The grips are near excellent with some minimal wear. The pistol is marked with Meiji-period Japanese registration/importation markings on the left side of the barrel. During the reign of Emperor Meiji, the samurai were...

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Sharps & Hankins 4C .32...

Sharps & Hankins 4C .32 Rimfire (AH6804)

Price $1,350.00

Four barrel, single-action pepperbox with 3" barrels. The pistol has almost complete brown patina, with some blue remaining. The bores are very good with very good rifling and some frosting. The action works perfectly. The grips are excellent. Overall a fine pepperbox!

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Allen "Dragoon" Pepperbox...

Allen "Dragoon" Pepperbox (AH6882)

Price $1,950.00

Allen's patent large pepperbox with 6" barrels. Flat ribbed barrel. The bar hammer is marked with "Allen's Patent." The frame is engraved with a floral scroll motif. The bores are good with good rifling. These "Dragoon" size pepperboxes are very hard to find and this one is in very good condition!

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Manhattan Firearms Co. Hero...

Manhattan Firearms Co. Hero Percussion...

Price $575.00

Single-shot derringer with a turn off barrel. The barrel length is 4" and is unusual, as most barrels for this model were 2", 2.5", and 3." The bore is not rifled, as are all Hero Derringers. The bore has pitting and has a bright appearance. The frame has a very nice patina. No scrapes, no polish. Grips are excellent. action works perfectly. This is the only Hero we have handled with a 4"...

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National Arms Co. No.2...

National Arms Co. No.2 Derringer .41Rimfire...

Price $895.00

Antique single-shot Derringer manufactured from 1865-1870. Bore is very good with good rifling. The barrel is 2.5" and has been polished. The barrel address is worn but easily visible. The frame is polished brass and has leaf scroll engraving. The grips are very good with factory checkered rosewood.

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Sharps 1A Pepperbox (AH6061)

Sharps 1A Pepperbox (AH6061)

Price $975.00

.22 caliber four barrel pepperbox. Silver on frame has worn. Markings are sharp and clear. Bore has strong rifling with some pitting. Good overall condition.

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Remington Type II (Model 3)...

Remington Type II (Model 3) Double Derringer...

Price $750.00

This circa 1888 Type II Remington 41 short rimfire double deringer has REMINGTON ARMS CO. ILION, N.Y on the top rib. The barrels have fine bores with strong rifling. The overall gun retains approx. 550% nickel blending with a steel color. The white composition grips are fine with no cracks or chips. The action functions correctly.

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Unmarked .32 Rimfire...

Unmarked .32 Rimfire Derringer (AH6571)

Price $325.00

This unmarked 32 rimfire caliber deringer is very similar the Eclipse deringer (Flayderman 9th Ed, 8A-054.5). The 2.75" slab sided to round smooth bore barrel has a good bore. The pistol retains approx. 90% of its nickel finish. The grips are fine with no cracks or chips and light wear. The action functions correctly.

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Remington-Elliot Pepperbox...

Remington-Elliot Pepperbox Ring Trigger...

Price $1,150.00

Four shot derringer. Manufactured 1863 to 1888. Left side of barrel rib has Remington name and address. Action works perfectly. Metal has a gray and brown patina. Good to very good overall condition.

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Remington Vest Pocket 32RF...

Remington Vest Pocket 32RF (AH5927)

Price $495.00

"Saw Handle Deringer". Metal has a gray patina. Brass frame. Bore has pitting. Action works. Good overall condition.

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Remington Vest Pocket .41RF...

Remington Vest Pocket .41RF (AH6256)

Price $595.00

"Saw Handle Deringer". Metal has a gray and brown patina. Action works. Bore has some pitting. Good overall condition. Reasonably priced.

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