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When it comes to pepperbox handguns and derringers for sale, you can’t beat Collectors Firearms. Our extensive inventory includes a wide variety of highly collectable Allen and Thurber perpperboxes, French and English pepperboxes, and single and over/under derringers from Remington and other manufacturers. We update our inventory often, so bookmark our list of new arrivals and check back often.

Scroll through our inventory of pepperbox handguns and derringers for sale below. For other antique handguns, browse or collection of percussion cap pistols, antique cartridge pistols and revolvers, and antique Smith & Wesson revolvers.

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Remington Over/Under .41...

Remington Over/Under .41 caliber derringer....

Price $1,695.00
Remington Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Factory engraved. Fair to good bores. Two line barrel address. Gun has Rosewood grips. Engraving is sharp. Gun has no finish but has a very pleasing overall appearance.  
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Lindsay Two Shot Derringer...

Lindsay Two Shot Derringer (AH3099)

Price $3,500.00
Lindsay Two Shot Derringer. Superposed load Lindsay two shot Derringer. Very rare gun. Finish has turned to a gray brownish patina. Engraving on barrel and frame nice and sharp. Very light pitting on barrel. Nice sharp grips. Gun works perfectly. Very neat scarce gun!
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Hero deringer.  (AH2473)

Hero deringer. (AH2473)

Price $498.50
Hero deringer. Percussion single shot. Very good condition. Nice example as most are well used.  
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Remington Factory engraved...

Remington Factory engraved Over/Under .41...

Price $1,950.00
Remington Factory engraved Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Bores are fair to good. Engraving is sharp and gun has about 10-15% original nickel in protected areas. Hinges are fine with no cracks. Barrels lock up fine. Good looking factory engraved derringer.  
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Morgan and Clapp Single...

Morgan and Clapp Single Shot Derringer .30...

Price $495.00
Morgan and Clapp Single Shot Derringer .30 Rimfire caliber antique handgun. Scarce gun with no serial number and is unmarked. Barrel appears to be an excellent re-blue. Bore is very good plus. Grips are very good. There are several pistols identical in appearance by Bacon, Merwin and Bray, etc, but are all in .32 caliber. This gun is in .30 rimfire which would lead us to say that this is a...
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Remington style Over/Under...

Remington style Over/Under .41 caliber...

Price $1,850.00
Remington style Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Very good bores. Factory engraved. Gun has a two line Remington address! Our opinion is that this is a high quality European copy of a Remington. The frame and barrels are just a bit larger in all respects compared to a Remington.  
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Bacon Manufacture Co....

Bacon Manufacture Co. Derringer .32 Rimfire...

Price $875.00
Bacon Manufacture Co. Derringer .32 Rimfire caliber antique handgun. This is a rare brass frame variation with an open breech that dovetails at the top to meet the barrel. Barrel address has very tiny letters and is stamped so that only half of the address is visible. Note this address has not been buffed or altered in anyway. Barrel has a blue brown finish that is more blue than brown. Barrel...
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Merwin & Bray  (AH1231)

Merwin & Bray (AH1231)

Price $750.00
Merwin & Bray single shot deringer. Measures 25 R.F. No reference to 25 R.F. Is this gun possibly unique?
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Remington Elliot Over/Under...

Remington Elliot Over/Under Derringer .41 Short...

Price $695.00
Remington Elliot Over/Under Derringer .41 Short Rimfire caliber antique handgun. 1st type late production two line barrel address. Bores are poor. Gun has original pearl grips with no damage. Hinge is not cracked.
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XPert by Hopkins & Allen...

XPert by Hopkins & Allen (AH1224)

Price $695.00
XPert .30 caliber derringer by Hopkins & Allen. Xpert mark and patent date on barrel. Scarce 30 caliber.
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Chicago Palm Pistol ( AH3140 )

Chicago Palm Pistol ( AH3140 )

Price $3,250.00
Chicago Palm Pistol antique handgun. Matching serial numbers. Gun has about 98% original nickel. Action works perfectly. Pearl scales are very good plus with very minor scratches. No cracks. Very popular collectors gun.
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Remington Over/Under Type...

Remington Over/Under Type II (AH1629)

Price $1,095.00
Remington Over/Under Type II caliber derringer with 92-93% original nickel & fine grips. Hinge is not cracked. There is a tiny flake of nickel off at the hinge, but under a strong loop there is no crack. Bores are pitted. Gun is very attractive looking.
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Reid Knuckle Duster .22 (...

Reid Knuckle Duster .22 ( AH3142 )

Price $895.00
Reid Knuckle Duster .22 caliber antique revolver. Original gun that shows carry use. Cylinder has smooth brown patina. Engraving on frame shows some wear. Cylinder revolves. but does not lock up well. Very neat gun design that you do not see too often!
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