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When it comes to pepperbox handguns and derringers for sale, you can’t beat Collectors Firearms. Our extensive inventory includes a wide variety of highly collectable Allen and Thurber perpperboxes, French and English pepperboxes, and single and over/under derringers from Remington and other manufacturers. We update our inventory often, so bookmark our list of new arrivals and check back often.

Scroll through our inventory of pepperbox handguns and derringers for sale below. For other antique handguns, browse or collection of percussion cap pistols, antique cartridge pistols and revolvers, and antique Smith & Wesson revolvers.

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James Reid Knuckle Duster...

James Reid Knuckle Duster .22 Cal (AH5849)

Price $1,050.00

Knuckle duster revolver marked "My Friend, Pat. Dec. 26, 1866" on left side of top strap. Action works perfectly. Cylinder chambers are excellent. Frame and top strap are factory engraved. Very fine example of a .22 caliber knuckle duster.

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Hero Manhattan Firearms Co....

Hero Manhattan Firearms Co. Single Shot...

Price $450.00

Hero Manhattan Firearms Co. Single Shot Percussion. 3” Barrel in .34 caliber. Action works perfectly. Frame marked “Hero M.F.A. Co.” Approximately 5,000 manufactured by Manhattan Firearms Co. Note: There are more modern made “Hero pistols” that are poorly made. Do not be confused by modern knockoffs!

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Allen & Thurber Worchester...

Allen & Thurber Worchester Six Shot (AH5836)

Price $1,575.00

Allen & Thurber Worchester Six Shot. .31 Caliber. Narrow flat rib variation with roll engraved nipple shield and hand engraved frame. Dog leg grip with silver spangles. Barrel length is 4”. Bar hammer marked “Allen’s Patent”. Revolver is very good overall. Barrel and frame have an even patina. Markings are sharp and legible. Action works perfectly. Note: Listed in Flayderman’s book on...

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F.H. Clark Marked Henry...

F.H. Clark Marked Henry Deringer Pistol (AH5796)

Price $2,895.00

F.H. Clark Marked Henry Deringer Pistol .44 Caliber. 3” Barrel has dark brown patina with light pin point pitting throughout. The lock and breech plug and trigger guard and engraved. Wood is very good. This gun has a wooden ramrod. Action works well. F.H. Clark was a licensed agent of Henry Deringer. Scarce gun Southern marked Henry Deringer!

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Spanish Double Barrel...

Spanish Double Barrel Pinfire Pistol with...

Price $895.00

Spanish Double Barrel Pinfire Pistol with folding Triggers. Approximately .40 caliber. Bore is worn and pitted. Does have fair to good rifling. Barrels have a folding Dagger, 4 ½” length. Folding triggers work and retract perfectly. Overall length of pistol is 9 ½”. Grips are fluted and have an Iron butt cap that is scalloped to conform to the grip flutes. Barrels...

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Blunt & Syms Small Frame...

Blunt & Syms Small Frame Under Hammer Pepperbox...

Price $1,075.00
Blunt & Syms Small Frame Under Hammer Pepperbox Revolver. 5-Shot .28 caliber percussion. Frame is scroll engraved. Barrel length is 2 ¼”. Front of barrel is marked with the number 25. Action works perfectly. Grips are very good to excellent, no chips or cracks. Overall, this is a fine small frame revolver that is sharp with little wear.
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One of a Kind Henry...

One of a Kind Henry Deringer Peanut Size Pistol...

Price $7,500.00
One of a kind Henry Deringer Peanut Size Pistol. .45 caliber with a 1 ½” barrel. 5” overall length. Gun is a nice sharp gun with thinned brown finish. All furniture is nicely engraved. This is a one of a kind gun as it only has 5 groove rifling! Only one known with 5 groove rifling. Very crisp peanut size derringer!
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Very Sharp Henry Deringer...

Very Sharp Henry Deringer Pistol (AH4462)

Price $2,500.00
Very Sharp Henry Deringer Pistol. .38 caliber with 2 7/8” barrel. 8” overall length. 4th Type barrel address. Gun has forend cap and ram rod. Very nicely engraved on German silver furniture and lock. Barrel has no finish, but very nice and sharp.
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Excellent Large Henry...

Excellent Large Henry Deringer Pistol (AH4464)

Price $7,500.00
Excellent Large Henry Deringer Pistol. Absolutely beautiful gun! .46 caliber with a 3 ¼” barrel. 8 ½” overall length. Gun is near mint. Very fine gun with excellent engraving on furniture. Trap in butt, forend cap and ram rod. Barrel has gorgeous original finish with brown wood striping. Wood is excellent and checkering is sharp. About as nice as you can get!
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Starr 4 Barrel Derringer...

Starr 4 Barrel Derringer (AH4482)

Price $1,495.00

Starr 4 Barrel Derringer. 4th Model Derringer. Nice sharp gun. Barrel has a mixture of blue and patina. Brass has darkened.

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Very Fine Matched Pair of...

Very Fine Matched Pair of Henry Derringers...

Price $6,500.00
Very Fine Matched Pair of Henry Derringers. .46 Caliber with 3 3/8” barrels. 8” overall length. Very fine original finish. Unique guns that were finished with solid brown barrels instead of being striped. These guns also have original iron ram rods. Trigger guards are engraved, but the rest of the furniture is plain. Very fine pair.
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Beautiful Pair of Henry...

Beautiful Pair of Henry Derringer Pistols (AH4520)

Price $7,500.00
Beautiful Pair of Henry Derringer Pistols. .43 Caliber with 1 ¾” barrels and 5 ½” overall length. Guns are in really fine condition with most of the original finish and stripping on the barrels. Furniture is engraved and silver plated. Silver bands are on the barrel breech. Wood is excellent. Beautiful pair.
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Beautiful Pair of Peanut...

Beautiful Pair of Peanut Size Henry Derringer...

Price $19,500.00
Beautiful Pair of Peanut Size Henry Derringer Pistols. .41 Caliber with 15/16” barrels and 4 5/8” overall length. Very rare barrel length with sub 1” barrels. Less than 10 examples are known and this is the only pair. Barrels have very good original finish with traces of the brown stripping. Wood has very sharp checkering. All German silver furniture is engraved. Very fine condition guns that...
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Henry Deringer Pistol (AH4527)

Henry Deringer Pistol (AH4527)

Price $4,950.00
Henry Deringer Pistol. .38 Caliber with 1 5/8” barrel. 5 ½” overall length. Gun has very good original brown on barrel with still a lot of the stripes visible. All furniture is nicely engraved. Two silver bands are on the breech plug. Very fine piece!
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Scarce National Derringer...

Scarce National Derringer with 2” Barrel (AH4714)

Price $2,495.00
Scarce National Derringer with 2” Barrel. Very nice condition with 50% of the original blue on the barrel. The grips still have a lot of an old varnish. Frame is mostly a gray patina. The short 2” barrel guns are scarce. This one is in very presentable condition!
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National Derringer with...

National Derringer with Pearl Grips (AH7416)

Price $3,750.00
National Derringer with Pearl Grips. Very fine factory engraved gun in excellent condition. 95% of the original silver plate remains on the barrel and frame. Gun has very fine pearl grips.
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Very Fine National Arms 1st...

Very Fine National Arms 1st Model Derringer...

Price $1,695.00

Very Fine National Arms 1st Model Derringer. Short 2” barrel with 60% of the original blue. Frame is fine with 70% of the original silver. Gun has nice sharp markings. Very clear patent dates on the bottom of the barrel.

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Hopkins and Allen XL...

Hopkins and Allen XL Derringer (AH4781)

Price $595.00

Hopkins and Allen XL Derringer. Nice sharp gun! Made in the 1870’s and fairly scarce with a production of just 2000. The barrel does not have any finish to speak of. The frame has full nickel plate. Grips are very good. Gun works perfectly.

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