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Some of our most collectable antique pistols and handguns can be found in our cartridge pistols and revolvers category. These antique pistols for sale include everything from U.S. Navy models to Webleys from across the pond to Continental rarities from France, Belgium, and Germany. Since our inventory is always changing, make sure to check our new arrivals page whenever you think about your next gun.

Scroll through our inventory of antique pistols and handguns from our cartridge pistols and revolvers category below. You can also browse other antique pistols for sale or additional categories as diverse as Colts, Winchesters, and antique long guns.

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Iver Johnson Pocket Pistol...

Iver Johnson Pocket Pistol (AH6821)

Price $250.00

Serial number B3728. 32 S&W caliber with a 3” barrel. This gun has most of the original finish. Grips are excellent.

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Sharps Model4 (AH6712)

Sharps Model4 (AH6712)

Price $150.00

Almost relic condition with missing parts and action is not working.

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Factory Engraved Sharps...

Factory Engraved Sharps Model 2E Derringer...

Price $3,795.00

Serial number 419. 30 caliber with a 3” barrel. Beautifully factory engraved and silver plated.  Barrels still have a lot of the original blue. Grips are excellent. Only 100 of this model made.

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Extremely Rare Sharps Model...

Extremely Rare Sharps Model 1E (AH8149)

Price $3,750.00

Serial number 2125. Extremely rare Sharps Model 1E. Only 50 of this particular model was every made. This gun is in very good condition with traces of original blue in the protected areas. Frame is nice and sharp. Grips are very fine. The number 1E is distinguished by the rounded standing breech. Extremely rare variation in very nice condition!

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Webley WG Army Model...

Webley WG Army Model Revolver (AH6836)

Price $2,295.00

Serial number 9524. 455 caliber with a 6” barrel. Finish has turned to mostly a patina with only traces of original blue.

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