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Webley Army Express...

Webley Army Express .450/.455 Caliber (AH6343)

Price $2,650.00

Scarce British revolver. Bore is excellent and mirror bright. Action works perfectly. Metal has approximately 92% original blue. Left side of frame has Webley's flying bullet logo. A fine example.

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Webley No. 4 .455 Caliber...

Webley No. 4 .455 Caliber (AH6278)

Price $2,750.00

This excellent revolver has approximately 98% original nickel plating. Barrel is 5.75" and marked "P. Webley & Son Birmingham" on top rib. Bore has strong rifling with some corrosion in the grooves. The grips are very good. Action works properly. Overall this is a very fine No. 4 Large frame Webley Pryse pattern revolver!

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Webley No. 5 .360 Express...

Webley No. 5 .360 Express (AH6418)

Price $1,450.00

Top strap is very nicely engraved "Lyon & Co. (Jas. Lyon Late of Jas. Purdey & Sons. London)". Bore is excellent. Barrel is 3". Metal has approximately 98% original nickel plating. Frame is marked "Webley's No.5 .360CF" and has Webley's flying bullet. Action works properly. Grips are very good with some light wear. Excellent overall condition.

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Webley No.5 .360 Express...

Webley No.5 .360 Express (AH6419)

Price $1,450.00

Very fine example with approximately 95% of it's original high luster blue finish. Barrel is 3". Action works properly. Grips are very good. Frame has Webley's flying bullet. Bore is excellent. An excellent blue finish No. 5.

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Werder Lightning Pistol...

Werder Lightning Pistol 11.35 Caliber (AH6365)

Price $2,375.00

Model 1869, named after the Designer Johann Ludwig Werder. The bore is excellent. Barrel is 8" and overall length is 14". Single shot military pistol. The forward trigger is for loading. Grips are very good with a crown over a gothic "M". A very unusual pistol and a great source of conversation!

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Tranter Solid Frame 1878...

Tranter Solid Frame 1878 .450 Caliber Revolver...

Price $2,750.00

English made six shot revolver .450 cartridge. Frame is marked "Tranter's Patent" on the right side along with Birmingham proof. All cylinder flutes are Birmingham proofed. Left side of barrel on the angular flat is marked .450 with two Birmingham proofs. Action works perfectly on both single and double action. Grips are very good plus. Left side of the frame at the grip juncture is marked...

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Belgian Galand Revolver...

Belgian Galand Revolver (AH6114)

Price $1,250.00

Model 1868 12MM caliber six shot revolver. Unusual release of the trigger guard allows the barrel assembly to slide forward and expose the breech. These were adopted by the Russian navy at some point. Action works properly. Metal has a mostly gray patina. Grips are good with some handling marks. An interesting revolver!

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Red Jacket No. 3 (AH6344)

Red Jacket No. 3 (AH6344)

Price $245.00

Top of barrel is marked "Red Jacket No. 3". Caliber is .32 rimfire. Factory engraved in what is used to be referred to as Western or Frontier style engraving. The action operates, indexes and locks up perfectly. The grips are very nice mellow horn that are perfect. Sixty to seventy years ago, collectors and dealers referred to these small pocket or purse revolvers as gamblers guns  or for...

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Forehand and Wadsworth...

Forehand and Wadsworth “Bulldozer”.32 (AH4780)

Price $295.00
Forehand and Wadsworth “Bulldozer”.32 caliber revolver. 6-Shot .32 caliber revolver. This gun has very good nickel finish. Grips appear to be rosewood and are very good. Action revolves, but does not lock up.
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Massive 577 Caliber Belgian...

Massive 577 Caliber Belgian Revolver (AH6279)

Price $4,500.00

This unusual 5-shot 577 centerfire caliber "manstopper" Belgian revolver puts the S&W 500 to shame! The overall length from muzzle to grip is approx. 12.25". The 6" octagon with top solid "rib" barrel has a very good bore with strong rifling and some erosion toward the chamber. The revolver is a pleasing mix of gray an brown patina. The barrel is marked in an arc on the left side "WAR......

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Hopkins & Allen Pocket...

Hopkins & Allen Pocket Revolver .32 S&W Short...

Price $495.00

Break open revolver with unusual 5" barrel. This model has a knurled rotary safety switch at the curvature of the frame above the grips. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Action works perfectly. Grips have Hopkins & Allen checkerboard motif, no chips or cracks. Metal has approximately 93% original nickel plating. Address markings on barrel are sharp. Revolver was manufactured circa...

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Hopkins & Allen Double...

Hopkins & Allen Double Action .32 S&W (AH6017)

Price $349.95

Manufactured in the 1890's. Barrel is 6". Metal has a brown and gray patina. Bore is excellent. Action works properly. Grips are very good, no chips or cracks. Good overall condition. Left side of frame has an engraved scene.

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Iver Johnson Top Break .38...

Iver Johnson Top Break .38 S&W (AH6134)

Price $349.95

Manufactured in the 1890's. Barrel is 3.25". Action works properly. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Original nickel plating has some flaking. Very good overall condition.

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Iver Johnson Top Break .32...

Iver Johnson Top Break .32 S&W Short (AH6137)

Price $449.95

Pocket revolver manufactured in the 1890's. Approximately 92% of it's original nickel finish remains with some flaking on cylinder and right side of barrel. Grips are mother of pearl and look great. Action works properly. Bore has strong rifling with some pitting. A nice looking revolver.

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Merwin & Hulbert Large...

Merwin & Hulbert Large Frame Single Action...

Price $1,795.00

Open top model with "scoop" cylinder flutes. Early model with open top. Bore has good rifling with frosting in the grooves. Grips are walnut and are square butt, no chips or cracks. Action works properly. Revolver has been nickel plated a long time ago, and looks good. A reasonably price Merwin & Hulbert.

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Marlin No. 32 Standard 1875...

Marlin No. 32 Standard 1875 Pocket Revolver...

Price $275.00

The Marlin No. 32 Standard 1875 Pocket revolver was made circa 1875 to 1887. The 3" round 32 Long Rimfire caliber tip-up barrel has a good bore with erosion in the grooves. The standard nickel finish for the frame is absent except for protected areas. The cylinder and barrel have approx.50% nickel with the remainder being cleaned bright. The hammer, cylinder, and barrel have areas of light...

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Continental 30 Rimfire...

Continental 30 Rimfire Revolver (AH6236)

Price $145.00

This 5-shot 30 Rimfire revolver was probably made by Hopkins and Allen. The barrel is marked CONTINTENTAL.  It has approx. 50% of its nickel finish. The smooth bore is poor with pitting. The grips are good. The action functions properly.

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S&W Model No. 1 Second...

S&W Model No. 1 Second Issue Revolver (AH6235)

Price $475.00

The 22 Short Rimfire caliber Smith & Wesson Model No.1 Second Issue revolver was made from 1860 to 1868. It features a 7-shot non fluted cylinder (no visible patent dates) and a 3 3/16" octagon barrel with a very good bore with strong rifling and some erosion in the grooves. Approx. 85% of the original nickel finish remains. The rosewood grips are fine with much original finish. The...

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Remington New Model No. 4...

Remington New Model No. 4 Revolver (AH6239)

Price $425.00

The Remington New Model No. 4 revolver was manufactured circa 1877 to 1888. This five-shot revolver is chambered in 38 short centerfire. The 2.5" round barrel has a good bore with erosion in the grooves. The barrel is marked E. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, N.Y. This revolver features full nickel plate finish with approx. 90% remaining. The ivory grips are very good with a couple of small age...

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Factory Engraved Merwin &...

Factory Engraved Merwin & Hulbert 2nd Model...

Price $2,295.00

Factory Engraved Merwin & Hulbert 2nd Model Pocket.  38 Caliber. 70% of the original nickel. Gun is all matching. Bore is dark with pitting. Grips are nice original ivories. This is a bird’s head grip pocket. Very fine factory engraved 2nd model.  

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