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Some of our most collectable antique pistols and handguns can be found in our cartridge pistols and revolvers category. These antique pistols for sale include everything from U.S. Navy models to Webleys from across the pond to Continental rarities from France, Belgium, and Germany. Since our inventory is always changing, make sure to check our new arrivals page whenever you think about your next gun.

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Belgian Velo Dog .30...

Belgian Velo Dog .30 Caliber (AH5873)

Price $225.00

Pocket revolver with folding trigger. Metal has a gray patina. Cylinder and barrel have Belgian proofs. Good overall condition.

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American "Smoker" .38 RF...

American "Smoker" .38 RF (AH5887)

Price $275.00

Top strap is marked Smoker. Revolver has no other markings other than JN on bottom of butt. Trigger return spring needs repair. An interesting revolver from the 1880's.

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Belgian Bull Dog .32 S&W...

Belgian Bull Dog .32 S&W (AH5888)

Price $375.00

Belgian copy of a British Bull Dog revolver. Double action functions properly. Approximately 97% nickel finish. Cylinder has Belgian proofs.

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Red Jacket No. 3 .32 RF...

Red Jacket No. 3 .32 RF (AH5877)

Price $175.00

Pocket revolver with 2 1/4" barrel. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Action locks up with cylinder in, while it is removed action works properly. Reasonably priced.

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Steven 2nd Type Old Model...

Steven 2nd Type Old Model Pocket Pistol .22...

Price $195.00

The 3 1/2" octagon/round barrel has a well worn bore with visible rifling. The barrel is bright with scattered staining. The nickel plated brass frame has approximately 50% nickel. The rosewood grips are good with a few small use dings and no chips or cracks. The action works correctly. This gun was made circa the mid-1880's. This was one of the first Stevens models.

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Belgian Velo Dog .32  (AH5856)

Belgian Velo Dog .32 (AH5856)

Price $250.00

Folding trigger "Velo Dog" with original belt holster. Rear of cylinder has Belgian proofs. Double action only functions correctly. A popular European 1880's-1890's revolver.

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Hopkins & Allen Top Break...

Hopkins & Allen Top Break .32 S&W (AH5854)

Price $395.00

Scarce 3" snubnose revolver circa 1890s. The cylinder is five shot. Revolver has a thumb safety on backstrap. Action works properly. Hard to find with a manual safety.

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Harrington & Richardson...

Harrington & Richardson Young American .22...

Price $295.00

Snubnose .22 caliber revolver from the 1890s. 2" barrel has a good bore with strong rifling. The cylinder is seven shot. Nickel plating is strong with approximately 92%. Grips are very good no chips or cracks. Action works properly.

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Forehand Arms Co. Double...

Forehand Arms Co. Double Action .32 S&W (AH5850)

Price $325.00

Top strap is marked Forehand Arms Co. Worcester Mass Double Action PAT.D June 3, 1891. The 2 1/2" octagon barrel has a good bore. The revolver retains approximately 92% of its nickel finish. The cylinder is six-shot. The grips are excellent no chips or cracks. The action functions correctly.

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Cased Display Containing...

Cased Display Containing Five Spur Trigger...

Price $1,100.00

Attractive wall hanging display with 5 revolvers. The case is 16" tall x 9 1/2" wide x 3 1/8" deep. From top to bottom the revolvers are:

1. Hopkins & Allen XL No.3 .32 caliber with fine pearl grips.

2. Hopkins & Allen Ranger No.2 .32 caliber with scarce marbled green grips. We have seen grips like these in other colors such as red and brown as well.

3. Smith...

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Moore Teatfire Derringer...

Moore Teatfire Derringer .32 Caliber (AH5847)

Price $495.00

Moore Teatfire Derringer .32 Caliber 1860’s production revolver. Markings on barrel are sharp. Metal has a pleasing brown patina. Frame is factory engraved. Action works properly.

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Hopkins & Allen Double...

Hopkins & Allen Double action .32 (AH5843)

Price $349.95

Hopkins & Allen Double action .32 Caliber revolver. Nickel snub nose revolver from the 1880’s-1890’s. Action works. 2 ½” barrel. Very good plus overall condition.

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Harrington and Richardson...

Harrington and Richardson Top Break .32 S&W...

Price $329.95

Harrington and Richardson Top Break .32 S&W short revolver. Top break revolver with 3” barrel and blue finish. Action works, bore has strong rifling with some minor pits. Very good overall condition

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Merwin & Hulbert Medium...

Merwin & Hulbert Medium Frame Double Action...

Price $1,400.00

Merwin & Hulbert Medium Frame Double Action Revolver. 7-Shot revolver in.32 Long Centerfire. This is a flat butt revolver, not a birdshead revolver. This revolver has been renickeled. Grips are correct Merwin & Hulbert grips with a chip out of the left side bottom. Action works perfectly. This is a folding hammer Merwin. Left side of frame is marked “.32 Cal. 7 Shot”....

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Spanish Double Barrel...

Spanish Double Barrel Pinfire (AH5834)

Price $425.00

Spanish Double Barrel Pinfire. Approximately .35 caliber Pinfire. Bore has good rifling with some corrosion. This is a tip-up folding triggers barrel pistol (release button on left side of frame). No makers name but well-made pistol. Barrel length is 3 ¾”. Overall length is 7”. Grips are fluted and pistol has an iron butt cap also fluted to match the wood flutes. Frame has...

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Hopkins & Allen Pocket...

Hopkins & Allen Pocket Revolver (AH5818)

Price $495.00

Hopkins & Allen Pocket revolver. 5-Shot Ranger No 2 .32 Rimfire. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. This is a nicely engraved revolver by the factory in the style of a Merwin& Hulbert as H&A and Merwin were same ownership. Bore is excellent. Revolver has approximately 98-99% original Nickle. The grips are the type made of an early form of plastic and are usually warped or...

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Remington 1888 Revolver...

Remington 1888 Revolver (AH5793)

Price $2,495.00

Remington 1888 Revolver. .44-40 Caliber with a 5 ¾” barrel. This gun has a dark gray to light brown patina and shows a fair amount of use. Action indexes properly. The barrel address is not visible or was never applied. This was a transitional model between a model 1875 and an 1890. Most of these guns had wood grips and lanyard rings.

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Merwin & Hulbert 3rd Model...

Merwin & Hulbert 3rd Model Pocket Army .44-40...

Price $1,850.00

Merwin & Hulbert 3rd Model Pocket Army .44-40 caliber revolver. Action works perfectly. Revolver has approximately 40-45% factory nickel. Grips are factory ivories with a deep mellow color. Right side of grip has a repair at the top but uses the original piece that was chipped. Bore has very good rifling. Very collectable model with large bore and birdshead grip.

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Iver Johnson Hammerless Top...

Iver Johnson Hammerless Top Break .38 S&W (AH5801)

Price $475.00

Iver Johnson Hammerless Top Break .38 S&W caliber revolver. Pre-1898 production, inscribed with Franklin Robinson Paterson Police on left side. Revolver has areas of flaking. Indexes and locks up properly. Grips have owl to the side, no chips or cracks. Good overall condition.

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Allen & Wheelock .32...

Allen & Wheelock .32 Rimfire Side Hammer...

Price $625.00

Allen & Wheelock .32 Rimfire Side Hammer Revolver. Frame has the July 30, 1860 date. Left side barrel flat has the Allen & Wheelock Worcester Ms. Address. Bore is good plus with very good rifling. Action works perfectly. Grips are very good with most of the original varnish. No crack or chips. Cylinder is 1” length. Overall a very good plus Third model!

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