Remington Antique Derringers for Sale, 1858 - 1875 & More

Our Remington collection showcases antique derringers for sale from a storied American gun maker that still makes its original product to this very day. You might also find a piece of history if you come across an 1858 Remington for sale or a Remington 1875 for sale. Our inventory changes frequently as we buy and sell guns, so bookmark our list of new arrivals and check back often.

If Beals Navys, Smoot new models, and over/under  derringers aren't your thing, check out our other antique handguns for sale, including flintlock and double barrel flintlock pistols, antique cartridge pistols and revolvers, and antique Smith & Wesson revolvers.

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Remington Rider Double...

Remington Rider Double Action New Model .36...

Price $4,750.00
Remington Rider Double Action New Model .36 caliber belt revolver. Scarce. Excellent bore. Gun has 95% blue on barrel and cylinder. Frame has approximately 30-35% blue. The rest is a very pleasing patina. Grips are excellent. Action works perfectly. Very difficult to find a Rider model in such fine condition.
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Remington Rider Double...

Remington Rider Double Action .36 (AH3370)

Price $4,250.00
Remington-Rider Double Action .36 caliber revolver with fluted cylinder. Action and bore are excellent. Barrel lever and cylinder have approximately 85-90% blue. Grips are good plus. Right side grip has some chips. Frame has some fading blue with some even brown patina. Approximately 700 fluted Riders made. This is serial #630.
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Remington Over/Under .41...

Remington Over/Under .41 caliber derringer....

Price $1,695.00
Remington Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Factory engraved. Fair to good bores. Two line barrel address. Gun has Rosewood grips. Engraving is sharp. Gun has no finish but has a very pleasing overall appearance.  
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Remington Over/Under Type...

Remington Over/Under Type II (AH1629)

Price $1,095.00
Remington Over/Under Type II caliber derringer with 92-93% original nickel & fine grips. Hinge is not cracked. There is a tiny flake of nickel off at the hinge, but under a strong loop there is no crack. Bores are pitted. Gun is very attractive looking.
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Remington Factory engraved...

Remington Factory engraved Over/Under .41...

Price $1,950.00
Remington Factory engraved Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Bores are fair to good. Engraving is sharp and gun has about 10-15% original nickel in protected areas. Hinges are fine with no cracks. Barrels lock up fine. Good looking factory engraved derringer.  
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Remington Navy Conversion...

Remington Navy Conversion revolver (AH2892)

Price $1,395.00
Remington Navy Conversion revolver, factory engraved. Gray to brown patina on metal with areas of pitting. Engraving is on frame around recoil shield. Gun indexes properly, but does not lock up. Hammer is a replacement. These guns were made up after the civil war with leftover percussion parts. It is uncommon to find a navy conversion.  
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Remington 1858 Army .44...

Remington 1858 Army .44 caliber revolvers (AH2992)

Price $10,500.00
Remington 1858 Army .44 caliber revolvers. Both have Ivory grips. One has early barrel address replacement. Serial number 57 is under grip and serial number 90986 is under grip and on barrel.
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Remington 1875 (AH1637)

Remington 1875 (AH1637)

Price $2,950.00
Remington Model 1875 .44 caliber revolver. Has 85-90% nickel finish with clear barrel markings. Excellent bore. Very good plus overall condition.
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Remington Beals Navy .36...

Remington Beals Navy .36 (AH3009)

Price $1,895.00
Remington Beals Navy .36 caliber revolver. Metal has smooth brown patina. With areas of light pitting. Markings on barrel remain nice and sharp. Grips are very good. Right hand grip has piece missing on the butt. Gun indexes fine and locks up tight. Bore has some pitting but is actually really good for this gun. A hard to find gun and this piece is in above average condition!
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Remington 1861 Navy...

Remington 1861 Navy Conversion (AH2074)

Price $1,150.00
Remington 1861 Navy Conversion revolver with holster. This gun has seen some drastic modifications during its period of use. Everything done was done in the period. The most obvious is the barrel being shortened and the metal being nickel plated. An old holster was added and now it is a great looking rig!
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Remington Rimfire Derringer...

Remington Rimfire Derringer .41 (AH3029)

Price $975.00
Remington Rimfire Derringer .41 caliber pistol. Over/under, Type II Model with address in a slanted one line. Bores are poor. Gun has 96-97% original nickel. Left grip has a chip. Hinge is fine and not cracked. Action works fine.
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Remington No 3 Smoot...

Remington No 3 Smoot Revolver (AH2097)

Price $598.50
Remington No 3 Smoot revolver with "saw handle". Very good overall condition with 93-95% original nickel. Works fine. Has small chip on bottom of right grip.
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Remington Elliot Over/Under...

Remington Elliot Over/Under Derringer .41 Short...

Price $695.00
Remington Elliot Over/Under Derringer .41 Short Rimfire caliber antique handgun. 1st type late production two line barrel address. Bores are poor. Gun has original pearl grips with no damage. Hinge is not cracked.
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