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We offer a variety of antique flintlock pistols for sale, including French and Belgian double barrel flintlock pistols, Albanian rattails, and highly collectable models from throughout the Old World, including Germany, Italy, and Greece. Our inventory of flintlock pistols for sale is constantly changing, so make sure to bookmark our list of new arrivals and check it frequently.

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French Empire Period and...

French Empire Period and Style Flintlock (AH3352)

Price $975.00
French Empire Period and Style Flintlock pistol. Barrel has a swamped muzzle and has a barrel makers sink "L.C." No other markings were present. Bore is approximately 70 caliber and has Microgrove rifling. Barrel length is 7 1/4" and overall lenth 13 1/2". Napoleonic period pistol
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Turkish (Ottoman) Flintlock...

Turkish (Ottoman) Flintlock (AH3340)

Price $3,500.00
Turkish (Ottoman) Flintlock pistol. Circa 1800 (possibly earlier). Banana shaped lock. Silver long eared buttcap. Front barrel cover is silver with floral and rococo designs. Barrel length 10" and overall length 17". Stock is carved with rope like borders as well as tree branch and leaf design. Gun is in excellent condition.
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Greek Flintlock (AH3306)

Greek Flintlock (AH3306)

Price $2,650.00

Beautiful Greek Flintlock pistol. Late 18th or early 19th century. These were made under the Ottoman Empire rule and it wasn't until 1830 that Greece regained its independence. This pistol is very special in that the barrel, lock and frizzen are all well chiseled. The barrel is deeply chiseled with a man on horseback with a bird (possibly a falcon) on one of...

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Paraguay .75 caliber...

Paraguay .75 caliber Military Flintlock (AH3305)

Price $1,250.00
Paraguay .75 caliber Military Flintlock. Scare. Bore measures over .75 caliber. Massive pistol. Barrel is 9" and overall length is 16 1/2". These were Belgian made from parts and sold to Paraguay circa 1865-1870. Action works fine. Wood has no chips or cracks. Overall condition is very good.
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Albanian "Rat Tail"...

Albanian "Rat Tail" Flintlock (AH3246)

Price $1,895.00
Albanian "Rat Tail" Flintlock (Miguelet lock) pistol. Barrel length is 13" and overall length 22". Action works perfectly. Gun is very well engraved. Most of these are abused and brass is bent and nothing fits up correctly. This gun looks great and fits up great. This is certainly well above the majority of Albanian pistols.
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British Police Pistol...

British Police Pistol (AH3077 )

Price $3,250.00
British Police Pistol. By W. Parker marked on side plate "Public Office Gt Marlboro St." Great Marlboro Street was the site of Police and Magistrate Offices. W. Parker was a known maker. This pistol is also marked No. 6 at the breech end of the barrel. Gun is very good plus. Ram rod is a nice replacement. Rare Police Flintlock.
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Italian Miguelet Lock...

Italian Miguelet Lock (AH3114)

Price $5,975.00
Italian Miguelet Lock pistol. Barrel signed Lazarino Cominazzo. Stock appears to be rootwood. Gun is Circa 1740 and all metal parts are engraved. Floral motif sideplate has a spread wing eagle or falcon. Trigger guard bow has a fanciful character with a floral spray coming out of his mouth. Barrel length is 13” and overall length is 20”. Action works fine. Elegant pistol in very fine condition.
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Pair of Italian Miguelet...

Pair of Italian Miguelet Lock (AH3115 )

Price $3,950.00
Pair of Italian Miguelet Lock pistols. Approximetely .60 caliber. Gun is engraved on all parts. Barrel length is 5 1/2” and overall length is 10 1/2”. Beautiful pair of pistols with grotesque masks on butt cap. Condition is excellent. Hard to find pair of Miguelets!
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Albanian all metal Rattail...

Albanian all metal Rattail Flintlock pistol....

Price $975.00
Albanian all metal Rattail Flintlock pistol. Barrel length 13", 20" overall length. Miguelet Lock. Rococco relief motif metal work. Note: Trigger is missing. Very attractive 18th Century Flintlock.  
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French double barrel...

French double barrel folding trigger (AH3119 )

Price $1,575.00
French double barrel folding trigger pistol by Ludet of Sedan. (Formerly a principality in the Ardennes in the north of France). Gun has canon barrels that are 2 1/4” long. Overall length is 6”. Caliber is approximately 9mm. Gun has a sliding hammer safety. Action function works perfectly. Stock is very good with no chips or cracks. Very nice 18th century French Flintlock.
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German flintlock  (AH3120)

German flintlock (AH3120)

Price $3,495.00
German flintlock pistol by Cumbelius in Mannhein. Barrel length is 5 1/2” and overall length is 10 1/2”. Lock and breech plug are case colored. Stock is expertly carved and mounts are silver overlaid with gold accents. Barrel is also gold and silver embellished and has a ruby front sight! Gun is excellent and beautiful.
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British New Land pattern...

British New Land pattern pistol Tower marked...

Price $1,795.00
British New Land pattern pistol Tower marked and "crown GR" marked lock about very good overall condition. Earlier lock type as pictured on page 57 of British Military pistols by Brooker.  
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German stocked flintlock...

German stocked flintlock Horsemans pistol...

Price $4,500.00
German stocked flintlock Horsemans pistol by Johan Jacob Kuchenbreuter. Pistol has a 13” barrel and is 28” overall with the detachable shoulder stock. Pistol has the correct horse and rider barrel sink. Very good overall, hard to find with stock.
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Pair of Continental...

Pair of Continental Flintlock Horsemans (AH2859)

Price $5,450.00
Pair of Continental Flintlock Horsemans pistols (probably German). Barrel length 13 3/4" and overall length 21 1/2". Barrel has a dog on point surrounded by floral tendrils all in silver. Side plates have portraits of a man on one pistol and a woman on the other (the owner and his wife) along with a fanciful serpents head. Locks and frizzens are engraved. The lock depicts the hunter with a...
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Pair of Flintlock Duelers...

Pair of Flintlock Duelers (AH3152 )

Price $6,950.00
Pair of Flintlock Duelers by Twigg. Barrel length 10" and overall length 16". Locks have roller frizzens. Mechanically fine. Overall condition is very good. Nice pair of duelers by a well known maker.
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Pair of Scottish Highland...

Pair of Scottish Highland Dress Flintlock...

Price $7,750.00
Pair of Scottish Highland Dress Flintlock Pistols. All metal rams horn butts. Guns are unsigned and are very nicely engraved with Scottish Acorn and Thistle motifs. Barrels are 6" long and 10 1/2" overall length. The cock on one pistol is replaced and very well done. Very hard to find a Highland dress pistol in flintlock. Reasonably priced pair.  
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Sharpe Officers Flintlock...

Sharpe Officers Flintlock Saddle pistols (AH3154 )

Price $5,975.00
Sharpe Officers Flintlock Saddle pistols. Beautiful pair of English saddle pistols for an officer by Sharpe of London (See full description on other pistol). Barrels are 9" long and marked London. Pistols are about 15" overall. Lock is marked Sharpe. Side plated, ramrod pipes and trigger guard are all brass. This pair is in about mint condition.
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Russian (Caucasian)...

Russian (Caucasian) Miguelet Lock pistol. (AH2894)

Price $2,795.00
Russian (Caucasian) Miguelet Lock pistol. Barrel length 15 1/2" and over all length 21". Stock is covered in gold embossed Red Moroccan leather. Butt is finished with old and correct Ivory finial.  
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Flintlock Horsemans...

Flintlock Horsemans pistols, fine pair made for...

Price $3,975.00
Flintlock Horsemans pistols, fine pair made for the Turkish market. Barrels are 12 1/2" and over all length is 20". The locks and hammers are nicely engraved. Butt caps have grotesque masks. Barrels are sheathed in relief silver altogether a very impressive pair.  
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Belgian Double Barrel...

Belgian Double Barrel Flintlock approximately...

Price $2,850.00
Belgian Double Barrel Flintlock approximately .45 caliber pistol. Barrel length 2" and over all length 6 1/2". Empire period. Animal scene engraved. Grip is very nicely fish scale carved and is inlaid with silver flowers. Action works perfectly. Condition is very good plus quality made. Note: 5-flowers missing from the grip.  
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