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You could find a rare Brown Bess musket for sale, an 1860 Martini Henry rifle for sale, or a Japanese WW2 rifle in our exciting inventory of highly collectable foreign military antique long guns. Our inventory of pieces from as far away as England, Continental Europe, and Asia is always changing, so collectors should bookmark our new arrivals pageand check it often.

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Swiss Cadet Model 1897...

Swiss Cadet Model 1897 7.5x53 (GP90) (AL4728)

Price $3,495.00
Swiss Cadet Model 1897 7.5x53 (GP90) caliber rifle. Rare cadet rifle serial numbers 11! Numbers are matching. Bore is excellent. Very good plus overall condition. A scarce Swiss rifle. Note: Not safe to shoot with 7.5x55 caliber ammunition.
Belgian Flintlock Musket...

Belgian Flintlock Musket (AL4708)

Price $1,795.00
Belgian Flintlock Musket. Metal has gray patina. Barrel has “ELG” proof mark and “1798” along the left side, looks to have been lightly sanded at some point. These muskets are copied from the French Model 1777. Overall a good example of a Napoleonic War era Belgian musket!
Nepalese Made Brunswick...

Nepalese Made Brunswick Rifle (AL4682)

Price $1,150.00
Nepalese Made Brunswick Rifle. Manufactured approximately 1840-1860. These were made in two versions. A “Light” pattern weighting 7.5 lbs. (this one weighs 8 lbs.). Caliber is approximately .70. This example has some Nepalese markings on the front and rear trigger guard tangs. Overall condition is very good, action works perfectly. Stock is very god, no chips or cracks. Bore is very good....
Isaac Hollis & Sons British...

Isaac Hollis & Sons British Smoothbore...

Price $2,250.00
Isaac Hollis & Sons British Smoothbore Percussion .75 caliber musket. Barrel length is 35” and overall length of 51½”. Hollis & Sons logo on tail of lock. Action works perfectly. Metal is smooth with no pits. Brass parts have nice patina. Interesting feature is that the buttstock is some what larger than would be proportional to the rest of the musket. Rear sight has two folding leaves. We do...
Remington Spanish Model...

Remington Spanish Model Rolling Block .43...

Price $1,050.00
Remington Spanish Model Rolling Block .43 Spanish caliber rifle. Tang is marked E. Remington & Sons with patent dates. Receiver has some case colors in protected areas. Bore is excellent. Wood is very good with nicks and dings. Very good condition.
Mexican Rolling Block 43...

Mexican Rolling Block 43 Spanish (AL4163)

Price $2,250.00
Scarce Mexican marked rifle with RM under Sunburst on receiver and barrel. Bore has strong rifling. Metal has brown patina. Wood is very good with nicks and dings. Good-very good overall condition. A desirable Mexican marked rifle.
British P42 Musket (AL4145)

British P42 Musket (AL4145)

Price $2,250.00
British P42 Musket. Indian Army Issue, with prancing lion on lock. Trigger guard has several Indian characters. Action works perfectly. Barrel has Victorian proofs. Gun is in very good overall condition. Stock is sound and has no chips or cracks. Exterior of barrel has no pits. Has a 39” barrel and is approximately 54 ½” overall.
Styer G 71/84 Short (AL4094)

Styer G 71/84 Short (AL4094)

Price $2,250.00
Styer G 71/84 Short rifle. Styer G 71/84 short rifle. Bore diameter is approximately 8mm. Scarce short rifle. Serial numbers are matching. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Wood is very good. Very good overall condition. A seldom seen rifle! This is the first one we’ve had in 40 years!  
Nepal Arsenal Manufacture...

Nepal Arsenal Manufacture Enfield Type Martini...

Price $1,275.00
Nepal Arsenal Manufacture Enfield Type Martini Action .577-450 caliber rifle. It has a very good bore. This gun is exceptionally nice with a very good blue. No pits or horrible abuse. Receiver tang has Nepalese markings. The stock is very good with minimal bruising. These guns are usually well worn.
Austrian Werndl Infantry...

Austrian Werndl Infantry 11mm (AL3555)

Price $1,295.00
Austrian Werndl Infantry 11mm caliber carbine. Produced in 1870. All matching serial numbers. Bore has strong rifling and some pitting near the chamber. Finish has some etching. Stock has minor dents and dings and some age cracks. Overall good condition.
Swiss 1869 10.4x38mm (AL3553)

Swiss 1869 10.4x38mm (AL3553)

Price $3,250.00
Swiss 1869 10.4x38mm caliber carbine. Designed by Johann-Friedrich Vetterli. Has a six round tubular magazine. These rifles were in service from 1869 to 1890. The carbine version is a cutdown converted Model 1869/71 and was produced/converted in the 1870’s and 1880’s. Overall length is 38½” and has a barrel length of 21”. Wood is in excellent condition with minor dents and dings and shows minor...
1871 Vetterli Swiss (AL3516)

1871 Vetterli Swiss (AL3516)

Price $1,750.00
1871 Vetterli Swiss arsenal carbine. Made from 1871 rifle. Has the rifle trigger guard. Has the rear sight from rifle with short elevator for carbine loads. Has rifle nose cap with sling swivel added for carbine carry. Black paint type finish is flaking on the receiver. All matching Swiss carbine. Nice bore.
Swiss model 1871 Type II...

Swiss model 1871 Type II carbine. (AL3264)

Price $2,995.00
Swiss model 1871 type II very, very rare carbine. Caliber 10.4x38 RF. 17 3/4" long barrel. This is a model 1871 rifle converted by the Swiss to the type II carbine. It still has the 1871 rifle type rear sight and trigger guard, with the carbine nose cap and forend. The loading port dust cover is still present. Excellent bore. Has about 20% blue with gray to brown patina. The wood is about...
French Pattern 1822 Musket...

French Pattern 1822 Musket (AL3284)

Price $3,995.00
French Pattern 1822 Musket. Very fine condition! Gun appears to be made for commercial market or a militia, there are no military markings. This musket may have been owned by a castle, the marking “Le Trot Rose” is the name of the castle located in Dijan. Nice sharp gun. Wood has good crisp edges. Metal has been lightly cleaned. Lock plate engraving is perfect. Overall excellent condition!